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4 reasons why TWS is uncomfortable

TWS earphones are a lifesaver for many. It is compact and portable. You can take it anywhere you want. However, there are times when Tws is uncomfortable. Through this post, we will see why a TWS is uncomfortable.

Earbuds without ear tips.

This issue not only affects the TWS but almost all earphones without ear tips. Even wired earbuds are not an exception. But why did I bring this issue here? There is a reason

This is the time companies are releasing a ton of TWS earphones without ear tips. 

I don’t know why they release them. There are reasons why earphones without ear tips are terrible 

  • First of all, it doesn’t fit into a lot of ears
  • It doesn’t seal the ear leading to noisy playback
  • It falls off easily and is never a secure fit for many.
  • The size of the orifice is fixed and you cannot adjust it based on your ear’s size.

I am at the wit’s end that is why manufacturers are even manufacturing these. So this is my first reason why TWS earbuds without ear tips are uncomfortable. 

I will stay clear of such earphones. I recommend you consider buying earphones with ear tips. 

Earbuds that are weighty

This is quite easy to understand. More weight more uncomfortable. Some earphones are a bit bulky because of the size of the battery associated with them. They employ larger batteries because you will get better battery life. In turn, it will also make the ear uncomfortable for longer listening periods.

The force on the ear canal due to its weight is tangential and it twists the earbuds. It is a bit more uncomfortable than using wired earbuds wiring it over the ears. 

However, listening for a short period of time is not an issue. For that matter, long listening through earbuds is best avoided as it can negatively hurt your hearing. This is also why tws is uncomfortable.

Cheap earbuds with terrible sound quality

This is a major headache today. The TWS is available for less than Rs.1000 or $10 these days. It was never the case before. Even with wired earphones, anything under the above-told money lacks quality. It is the same as why some neckbands are uncomfortable to wear.

Now, as manufacturers have to include chipsets, processors, batteries, mics, licensing costs and other features under $10, the primary function of sound quality will obviously take a hit. In fact, the sub $10 earbuds provide awful sound quality and it does make you uncomfortable.

Yes, unrefined, distorting, low-quality sound not only makes you uncomfortable but also causes headaches in a few cases.

Poor battery life

This directly doesn’t contribute to comfort, it has a small factor that makes it uncomfortable.

The battery life of most TWS earbuds is pretty low. And, during a long journey, thinking about the battery life gives you anxiety, and also you need to take it off from your ears and charge it. It is an extra hassle.


The conclusion on why tws is uncomfortable is user dependent. You should invest your time in finding how to buy a TWS earphone that suits you. Personally, for me, the lack of earbuds made me very uncomfortable than anything else. Weight can be a factor for other people and so on. My sincere advise is that get an earbud with ear tips, be it wired or wireless.

Thanks for reading.

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