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8 disadvantages of neckbands

Neckbands and TWS are popular these days. The world is moving towards TWS and partly it is because of the disadvantages of neckbands. So, what are they? We have discussed the same in this article. Let’s dive in.

Disadvantages of neckbands
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Discomfort is one of the main disadvantages of neckbands. Neckbands, unlike TWS or True wireless earbuds, are a bit bulky. It comes with a bigger battery compared to TWS. This adds more weight to the system.

And then, there are wires from the neckband to the earpieces. They add a bit of weight too especially the well-made ones. Also, You will have the issue of tangling too which will give you an additional headache.

While listening to music on the go or running, the wires contact the shirt, which adds noise to the music as the vibration passively transfers right from the wire to the eardrum. 

Also, the neckband will not stay in one place when you run or do gym activities. It just moves around. It moves so much that the neckband might unplug the earpieces from the ears. These are some of the disadvantages and major discomfort of neckbands.

There are TWS that are uncomfortable too but we need to wisely choose what to buy.

Cheap earphones

This is quite a different issue I have come across. You will get TWS earbuds in any price range from $10 to even $500. They vary with respect to features, battery life, and sound quality.

However, I have not come across many expensive neckbands. Mostly you will get only cheap neckbands. Cheap neckbands are not always bad. there are exceptions too. But mostly, they cannot compete with high-end TWS earbuds

If you want a neckband and also want great sound quality, then you’re mostly out of luck. There aren’t many high-end neckbands available in the market. So, you will be left with neckbands with sub-par sound quality.

There are options like the Sennheiser IE 80s or Sony WI-1000XM2. But they are too expensive. The choice is limited. This is one of the disadvantages of neckbands.

Mono pair

Speaking of the disadvantages of neckbands, this one is a feature-wise disadvantage. 

You see, the TWS comes loaded with features. One of the main features of some TWS is that it supports mono. 

That means you can use only one TWS bud and leave the other one for charging in the case. You can stream music or take calls with this mono earbud. This not only increases the available battery life but is also safe as you can still hear what is around.

You might say, well, “I can do the same with a neckband as well. I will just use one earbud alone.” That is different. Even if you use one earbud, the other one is still working and that drains the battery.

Secondly, with mono mode, all the stereo sounds will be directed to one earbud and the mic on the earbud is used for calling purposes.

In the case of the neckband, you cannot choose to send all the stereo information to a single earbud. Also, in neckbands, you don’t really come across mics on each earbud. There will be only one mic. It’s hard to find neckbands with stereo mics.


As said earlier, weight is one of the disadvantages of neckbands. The battery is often larger on neckbands. It is fitted inside the neckband. Some neckbands are made of metal and that is a bit weighty. The wires add more weight to the neckband. It is not at all comfortable like the TWS.

The issue becomes worse if you use the neckband for a longer period. 

If the weight of the neckband is uneven on your neck, it will slide off while doing something and it is a real irritant. Hence, choose neckbands with less weight.


It is highly recommended to wear neckbands over the clothes. Hence it doesn’t touch your skin and doesn’t cause discomfort. 

Some people are allergic to plastics. If you’re one of them, then wearing the neckband on your neck may cause allergic reactions.

Furthermore, even if you’re not allergic at all, leaving the plastic neckband on your neck for a long time will cause burns (if the neckband is not made well), itching, and general discomfort. Yes, this is one of the disadvantages of neckbands. Hence, choose to wear neckbands over your clothes.

No backup charger

This is not really a big disadvantage of neckbands but it still counts. Usually, TWS earbuds have only decent battery life. They don’t last for more than 10 hours. In most cases, it is way too less. But, you will be provided with a case and the case has a big battery in it.

The TWS can be recharged from the case. The new-gen TWS has fast charging. You can charge for as less than 10 minutes and you get to use the TWS for hours before the battery drains for good.

Also, as told earlier, you can still use one of the TWS earbuds while the other one is still charging.

It is in no way possible with a neckband unless you carry a power bank everywhere you go.

It is not at all a practical use case. It is dangerous to use the neckbands while charging and you can rule that out.

Fortunately, the neckbands have decent battery power inside and you can use it for a long time mitigating this disadvantage with neckbands.

A bit bigger to travel

Yes. The neckbands are a bit bigger for travel. The wired earphones are a nightmare during travel as well. It can be sorted out once the tangles were removed. With new earphones, there are tangle-resistant wires and that makes your life easier.

When it comes to TWS earphones, traveling with them is a breeze. It is small and comes with a case. It is compact and you can easily take it anywhere while the case protects the earbuds.

This is not the case with neckbands. The neckbands are large. They are made of solid metal or hard plastic. You cannot bend it as it might break the band. So, the only way to store it or take it to travel with you is to bring it as it is.

The only relieving factor is that you can roll the earphone wires. Overall, I don’t recommend it for travel. Buy a TWS instead if you’re traveling a lot.

Out of trend

Neckbands were trending for some time. At times, it was seen as an expensive product and also as a style icon. Times fly past fast and neckbands are no more a style statement to youngsters these days. 

The crown went to the TWS already. So, if you care about the latest trend, you should buy a nice TWS. TWS comes in many stylish cases and the earbuds look great too. This is not really a big disadvantage of neckbands. Still, it counts.


The above-stated points were some of the major disadvantages of the neckbands. But, if the neckbands are still vital to you or your business, you should stick to your neckband or buy one. Otherwise, a TWS is a smart choice for neckbands especially if you have the above disadvantages with neckbands.

Thanks for reading.

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