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Are cheap TWS earbuds good and worth buying in 2023?

TWS earphones are widely available in the market at various price ranges. Companies like boAt, noise and Boult Audio are bringing new earbuds to the market every now and then. Today we are focusing on cheap TWS earbuds as not all have a budget for Sonys and JBLs. But there is a big question. Are cheap TWS earbuds good and worth buying in 2023? Let’s see it in detail.

Are cheap TWS earbuds good and worth buying
Are cheap TWS earbuds good and worth buying

We have used and reviewed a lot of earphones in this website. I am continuing this article with my own experience.

What are cheap TWS earbuds, and what to expect from them?

Boult audio Z25 on a hand

In my opinion, the cheap TWS are the ones below Rs 800. Because, above Rs 800, you begin to get decent to good earbuds compared to most of the junk.

You need good engineering and carefully chosen parts and design to execute a good pair of earbuds, and for under Rs 800, it is simply impossible, even with high volume and made in chine items.

But cheap earbuds go too cheap in budget

Under Rs 300, I have never come across a well-made wired earbud, let alone a Rs 300 TWS with good quality. 

Under Rs 500, you can get decent wired earphones but not a quality TWS. It lacks build quality and also sound quality.

Under Rs 800, things begin to get better with Chinese brands. You will therefore get okay quality, but I still recommend you to spend a little more.

Under Rs 1000, you get decent pair of TWS. But the sound quality is still worse compared to the one above Rs 1500.

But there are exceptions. For example, Boult Audio Z25 is a good earphone for budget bass heads. It is one of the best budget wireless earbuds in India.

Hence, it is safe to get earbuds that are above Rs 1500. There are good to best earbuds under Rs 1500 if you could spend a little more.

Are cheap TWS earbuds good and worth buying?

Cheap Ptron earbuds

Not at all. Cheap TWS earbuds are not good and are not worth it. The TWS earbuds that are under Rs 1000 are made of inferior materials, and also, the sound quality is not so great. Because you need to have a battery, Bluetooth module, PCBs, drivers, build materials and, on top of that, the seller’s margin.

Also, You need good engineering R&D and carefully chosen parts and design to execute a good pair of earbuds, and for under Rs 1000, it is simply impossible, even with high volume and made-in-China items.

If your budget is under Rs 800, As said earlier, you will be better off with wired earphones.

The cost to build a wired earphone is less than TWS, and therefore companies can use decent quality components inside the earbuds, and that translates into good sound quality.

Some cheap earbuds don’t even have fast charging built-in. It is a very convenient feature to have. Please choose a TWS with fast charging

How is the reliability of cheap TWS earbuds

What can we expect from cheap china made earbuds? Absolutely nothing. These earbuds won’t be reliable.

Although the reliability of electronic items is unpredictable, if the company uses quality materials, we can at least predict how long the earbuds will work trouble-free. 

Cheap TWS earbuds are made of not-so-good materials, and hence, they tend to break after a few months.

The electronics are worse in terms of quality. No one can predict when it will stop working.

There are earphones that I have used that have stopped working in months.

Some earbuds are so cheap that you don’t have the confidence even to open them. You won’t be comfortable wearing them.

Simply put, cheap TWS earbuds are not reliable, and it is better to stay away from them.

But brands like boAt and Boult will last considerably longer. Sonys and JBLs will last for years.

What is the minimum you should spend for good sound quality on TWS?

There is quality stuff available from low budget like Rs 1500 to high budget of Rs 25,000. The minimum money is dependent on your preference. 

If you want quality, you obviously have to spend more. Usually, the more you spend, the better the quality.

However, in my opinion, you should spend at least Rs 1500 to get decent pair of earbuds.

Anything under Rs 800 will be trash.

The more you spend, the more you will get in features too. One feature I strongly recommend is ANC or Active Noise Cancellation.

Also, good earbuds have good water-proof capabilities.

Stuff like boAt Airdopes 413 ANC and Boult audio Omega TWS have ANC and doesn’t break the bank. You can go for these. I have been using boAT Airdopes 413 ANC for more than a year, and I am satisfied.

Hence, TWS earbuds under Rs 2500 have good sound quality compared to the best TWS under Rs 1500

What are the brands to consider

If you’re on a budget, please consider the following brands.

  • BoAt audio
  • Boult audio
  • Ptron
  • Noise

If you can spend more, the below brands will give you the best.

  • JBL
  • SONY
  • Bose
  • Skullcandy
  • Jabra
  • Samsung
  • One plus
  • Realme

You can read out the complete guide on buying TWS earbuds for better choices and get the earbuds that are tailor-made for you.


So, Are cheap TWS earbuds good and worth buying

The conclusion is that the cheap TWS earbuds are not good, and they are not worth buying. Please don’t waste your money because it is not made for quality. It is only made with profits in mind. Instead of buying a TWS under Rs 800, invest a little more money and get something between Rs 1000 and Rs 1500. This way, you not only get good quality earbuds, but it will also last longer.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How many years will a TWS last?

It depends upon the quality of the earbuds. If you buy good branded earbuds and take good care of them, they will last for years.

How long do cheap earbuds last?

Usually, cheap earbuds go bad within months.

Which is the cheapest TWS?

The cheapest and the best I recommend is Boult audio z25.

Which are the best budget earbuds?

The best budget earbuds I recommend are Boult Audio Z25.

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