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Are TWS earbuds waterproof? A surprise

Tws are abundant in the market now. Are TWS earbuds waterproof? Not necessarily. We would like to further simplify the answer but this is not a simple question to answer. Keep reading to know more about this.

Are TWS earbuds waterproof?

Are TWS earbuds waterproof?

Not all TWS earbuds are waterproof. In fact, not many earbuds survive in liquid. I once had a sound magic E10. Unfortunately, I dropped it onto an oil bath. The earbuds started to deliver much less sound and also a crackling sound. 

Of course, the sound magic E10 is not waterproof. 

But the latest TWS come with an IP rating. They can sustain in water. But not all day long or at the greatest depth. 

No, the TWS earphones are not truly waterproof. But they can resist water damage to a certain degree with advanced sealing technology. The degree of water resistance depends upon the its IP ratings.

IPX ratings

Some of the waterproof earbuds I know have an IP rating. IP rating stands for ‘Ingress protection.’

Higher the number better the water and dust resistance.

Basically, an IP rating is determined by immersing the earbuds under a certain depth inside the water for a specific number of time.

It can also be calculated by spraying a water jet at a certain pressure for a certain period.

For example, IPX 5 can be considered if 

The tested device survives 15 minutes under a jet of water (12.5 liters per minute at a pressure of 30 kilopascals, from a distance of 3 meters).

IPX4, IPX5, IPX6, IPX7, IPX8: What Do They Mean? (

It means the earphone can easily survive gentle rain, sweat and water splash.

Which IP to use?

There are different IP ratings for various purposes.

Some of the common IPX ratings are tabulated here.

IP ratingMeaning
IPX4It is sweat proof and gentle rain
IPX5Splash proof, sweat proof, moderate rain and tap water
IPX6splash and rain proof. Also, you can shower wearing it. Not for swimming
IPX7Can survive swimming at not so deep levels.
IPX8can be submerged in water for up to 3 metres for 30 minutes.
Various IPX ratings

Why does waterproofing affect sound quality?

The basis of sound quality is two things—the driver’s capability for better audio and the air vent for wide soundstage and openness. In the case of earbuds’ water resistance, these are changed. First, the earbuds’ driver is sealed so that no water or dust enters inside. Also, the materials used in TWS with good water resistance are different to traditional drivers.

Secondly, the vent in the earbuds will be closed. So, no air is allowed to go inside or come out. This affects the soundstage. 

Also, when the earbud seals tightly with the ear canal, it gives a suction feeling.

Hence, with a water resistance TWS, you will get a relatively small soundstage compared to a non-water resistance counterpart. 

May be this is why top companies don’t go above IPX4 ratings.

Examples of earbuds with IP ratings


Are TWS earbuds waterproof?

The answer is no. TWS earbuds are not water proof. Earbuds generally has IPX4 or IPX5 rating which means, they are sweat proof and splash proof according to the ratings and not entirely water resistant. Hence, it is good to have a caution when you take the TWS earbuds out in the rain. 

Thanks for reading.

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