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Hello all,

My name is Vignesh Sathiaraj alias Aju Vignesh Sathiaraj Padma. I am a professional copywriter with a degree in mechanical engineering and sound engineering. I am a music fanatic and listen to music every day. I love critical music listening, and it makes my day better.

Since Childhood, I have been interested in music. I had a small Phillips transistor radio and a Phillips boombox. Then arrived a Phillips CD player and a headphone. I used to connect the RCA out of the CD player straight to my headphone, and thus I was introduced to stereo music. The next purchase was a Phillips TV with a subwoofer. This was an upgrade to my old black and white Western brand TV. Later, I purchased a Phillips DVD and a Phillips HTiB.

I used to open the cover of CD and DVD players to look at the beauty of spinning CDs and the tray mechanism.

It was after my audio engineering degree and working in Industry I gained knowledge on HIFI. During my college days, I owned a pair of JBL LSR 305 studio monitors coupled with Komplete Audio 6 interfaces. Adding a PreSonus Temblor T10 to this setup increased my joy.

Again, I bought a Yamaha HtiB for my new TV and Completed the Home theatre setup with an XGIMI H2 projector and a pair of TAGA harmony speakers. The center speaker was DIY and the surrounds were from the HTiB.

The next purchase was a Cambridge audio AXR 100 amplifier and a Tannoy XT 6F floor standing speaker for stereo listening. After the Cambridge audio conked off, I bought a Schiit Aegir Class A power amplifier and an S.M.S.L DAC. A WiiM mini has accompanied this setup for streaming.

I am also into photography, and I love driving.

That’s all about me.

I hope my posts are beneficial to you. Keep smiling 🙂