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Aju Vignesh

My name is Aju Vignesh. I am a professional copywriter with a degree in mechanical engineering and sound engineering. I am a music fanatic and listen to music every day. I love critical music listening and it makes my day better. Hope my posts are beneficial to you. Keep smiling

Are TWS earbuds waterproof? A surprise

Tws are abundant in the market now. Are TWS earbuds waterproof? Not necessarily. We would like to further simplify the answer but, this is not a simple question to answer. Keep reading to know more about this.

Are cheap TWS earbuds good and worth buying in 2023?

TWS earphones are widely available in the market at various price ranges. Companies like boAt, noise and Boult Audio are bringing new earbuds to the market every now and then. Today we are focusing on cheap TWS earbuds as not all have a budget for Sonys and JBLs. But there is a big question. Are cheap TWS earbuds good and worth buying in 2023? Let’s see it in detail.

Is TWS worth buying in 2023?

TWS earphones are quite popular these days. They are not only popular because of their audio benefits, but it has also become a style statement. But, is tws worth buying? Let’s find out in this article.

What is ANC or active noise cancellation?

What is ANC? ANC stands for active noise cancellation. It is a technology that is used to reduce the environmental noise leaking into the earbuds, thus giving a good audio experience. Let’s see more about ANC and how it works. 

Boult Audio X10 TWS review

In this Boult Audio airbass X10 TWS earbuds review, we are going to see everything about these earbuds with pictures to boost. These earbuds are available for under Rs 1500. Let’s see if the earbuds are worth it.

Boult audio airbass Z40 review

Boult audio Z40 is the latest product from boult audio. Did boult audio make it sound better? We are going to see the full review of boult audio Z40. I will keep the review short. Let’s dive in.

Boult audio Z25 review

Boult audio Z25 review

Boult audio Z25 is a decent pair of TWS that boult audio launched recently. In this Boult audio Z25 review, we will see about its build quality, sound quality, and other features of it. Let’s see them one by one detailed.