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Aju Vignesh

My name is Aju Vignesh. I am a professional copywriter with a degree in mechanical engineering and sound engineering. I am a music fanatic and listen to music every day. I love critical music listening and it makes my day better. Hope my posts are beneficial to you. Keep smiling

4 reasons why TWS is uncomfortable

TWS earphones are a lifesaver for many. It is compact and portable. You can take it anywhere you want. However, there are times when Tws is uncomfortable. Through this post, we will see why a TWS is uncomfortable.

The picture of neckband earphones

why the neckband is uncomfortable?

The neckband is uncomfortable for many and I agree with it. People still use it because of its convenience in attending calls and listening to songs. Let’s see why the neckband is uncomfortable to wear around your neck.

Truke Buds F1 review

Truke is the latest entrant to the wireless earphone market. They came with a bang with this Truke Buds F1. It looks great and has good ratings elsewhere. Does it live up to the expectations? Let us see Truke Buds F1 review.

pTron Bassbuds Xtreme review

pTron Bassbuds Xtreme is yet another budget TWS earphone from pTron. It looks cool and sophisticated. and that is the first thing you will notice about these earphones. In this pTron Bassbuds review, we will go detailed about this TWS earphone and let you know its pros and cons. Please read on.

pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS review

pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS is one of the finest earphones I have tested under Rs 1000. Let’s see how they perform in our tests. In this patron Bassbuds B21 TWS review, I will go into detail about various aspects of this particular earphone. Let’s go to the review.

Picture of an opened boAt audio Airdopes 190

boAt airdopes 190 review

boAt Airdopes 190 is one of the new earbuds launched by the company. In this boAt Airdopes 190 review, we will dive into the physical and software features, build quality, sound quality, battery life, etc. so that you know what you’re buying. Let’s go to the review.

Picture of an opened boAt audio Airdopes 190

How to increase the battery life in a TWS earbud

How to increase battery life in a TWS is a thing all TWS earbuds owners are likely to encounter in their life at least once. TWS earbuds are amazing. But for compact TWS like boat 413 ANC, the battery life is a problem. This is mainly because of the small battery. 

Picture of a hand holding pTron basbuds TWS

pTron Bassbuds EON review

We have compiled this pTron Bassbuds EON review rather quickly as we have listened to similar pair of TWS earphones in the past. pTron Bassbuds EON is positioned under Rs 1500 which has quite a few TWS earbuds including boAt Airdopes 161 TWS. Let’s see how it sounds to us.

5 Best TWS under Rs 2500 in India

To find the best TWS under Rs 2500 in India, we had to do a lot of research as Rs 2500 is a sweet spot between affordability and functionality in mid-budget audiophile pieces of equipment. We have done our research and brought you the best TWS under Rs 2000. Please go on reading for more info.

a picture of opened boAt Airdopes 413 ANC earphone

BoAt Airdopes 413 ANC review

The boAt Airdops 413 ANC review that you’re looking for is up now. The boAt is one of India’s very popular earphone companies that cater to the budget market. The earphones’ quality is very good and the brand is tasting success in India. Today we are going to review the recently launched boAt Airdopes 413 ANC.