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boAt airdopes 190 review

Picture of an opened boAt audio Airdopes 190
3-quarter view of boAt audio Airdopes 190

boAt Airdopes 190 is one of the new earbuds launched by the company. In this boAt Airdopes 190 review, we will dive into the physical and software features, build quality, sound quality, battery life, etc. so that you know what you’re buying. Let’s go to the review.

Let me put the whole review in simple words.

The boAt audio Airdopes 190 is a great gaming earphone in terms of feel, price, build, and most importantly sound quality. The battery life is not bad either. In this price range, it is a good buy for gamers. That is a short boAt Airdopes 190 review. Read on for more detailed information.

Appearance – boAt airdopes 190 review

Appearance is subjective. It is very well noted in this pair of earbuds. The case is a modern contemporary design and far from elegant. Don’t get me wrong. It looks fantastic but has more of a futuristic look than a classical one.

Picture of boAt Airdopes 190 TWS
boAt Airdopes 190 TWS

Take a look at the above picture. Doesn’t it look futuristic and modern? A perfect recipe to attract youngsters. The top is made of plastic and fiberglass. The white case contrasts well with dark fiberglass. The body is wide towards the rear and tapers towards the front.

Picture showing Side view of boAt Airdopes 190.
Side view of boAt Airdopes 190

The side view is beautiful too. The style reminds me of old Alienware laptops. It is kinda wedge-shaped. The rear is pointed as well. There are lines on either side and it looks not only cool but also aids the grip. The sides are free from ports.

Picture showing a hand holding Rear of boAt Airdopes 190.
The rear of boAt Airdopes 190

Yes, it is the rear that has the port. It is a USB-type C port. There is also a hinge on the back.

Picture of boAt airdrops 190 lid open
boAt airdrops 190 lid open

Open the lid and you will be greeted with a pair of earbuds. The cool thing is that the case has RGB lighting. It looks okay. But surely attract some gamers. The case as well as the earbuds have RGB lighting.

Picture of top view of boAt audio Airdopes 190.
The see-through glass of boAt audio Airdopes 190

When you close the lid, you can still see the RGB lights through the glass window. It looks very cool. Now, the lights look premium. It is too bright to my liking otherwise with the direct view.

Earbuds of boAt audio Airdopes 190 with the case on the side.
Earbuds of boAt audio Airdopes 190

The earbuds look cool and premium. The earbuds too have RGB lighting. It works when you’re charging or opening the case. The earpieces themselves are good. It comes with additional ear tips and they are not bad at all.

The earbuds are of good quality. But whenever you plug the earbuds into your ears, you will hear a plastic crushing sound. It is the diaphragm crushing because of the pressure that builds in while plugging into the ear canal. So, you need to put into the ear canals gently and never push it deep into the canal.

Fit is kinda hit and miss for me. It does get loose if the head is shaken. It didn’t fall off though but allowed all noise from outside to inside.

Front view of boAt audio Airdopes 190
Front of boAt audio Airdopes 190

The front looks interesting. It is wide and tall on the outside and it tappers and converges narrowly towards the bottom. The design on the sides continues to the front side as well giving a good look. You can see a small protrusion on the front to open the case.

RGB lights of boAt audio Airdopes 190
RGB lights of boAt audio Airdopes 190

The RGB lights are inviting and do consume battery life. Fortunately, it turns itself off after 15 seconds after the case is opened. A similar story once the lid is closed.

Overall, the appearance is exquisite on the outside and ‘sound’ on the inside

Build quality

Picture of an opened boAt audio Airdopes 190
3-quarter view of boAt audio Airdopes 190

The build is very good and you will get a premium feel. The Lid isn’t wobbly. It is solid. The lid closes with a reasonable thud sound. The weight is also not too much. The case along with the earbuds weighs just 44 grams. Each earbud weighs 3.5 grams. It is indeed a lightweight earbud.

Picture of opened case of boAt audio Airdopes 190.
Case of boAt audio Airdopes 190

The case opens at 90 degrees and it shows the capacity of boAt’s engineering design.

RGB lights

The RGB lights in this boAt audio Airdopes 190 are very cool that I have made a video out of it. Please watch

boAt Airdopes 190 RGB Lighting

Sound Quality

This is now THE very important part of the review. The sound quality. The sound quality is decent, is what I can say. boat immersive auditory experience gives you a nice experience. These earbuds have a boat signature sound.

The soundstage is decently wide. Gamers will appreciate this. This gives more space around the sound and easy to guess where the shooter is. The wide soundstage also means that the music sounds good too.

The instrument separation is decent and not the best. Especially on mid frequencies, the earphone’s sound and instrument separation are not as expected. But, it can totally be okay considering the price it is sold.

The imaging is inside the head and during some songs, it goes a bit forward. It is interesting because it is not a trait for cheap earphones. For gaming, it gives positional accuracy.

The sound is generally balanced across the earbuds but often I feel that the sound is biased toward the right. I am not sure if it is a problem with my earphones alone. But most of the time, it is alright.

The earbuds have a 10mm driver and that does give a good scale and authority to the sound.

Inserting in ears can crush the diaphragm causing a crushing sound. Putting it inside the air canal increases the pressure inside. And thus the crushing sound. Also, the sound quality is affected. The sound becomes dull. Let the air pressure go and the earphone sounds a bit richer. Still, the mids are a bit dull. The upper mid and lower treble is open.


The attack on bass seems to be a bit slow to my liking. Hence, songs with fast bass can have a problem with these earbuds. The dynamics are okay. Nothing great. but not bad too.

The bass is nice in this earphone. Due to the 10 mm driver, the sound is punchy with lots of basses. There is also a midbass punch. It can easily rumble at 20 Hz and had no problems with the low bass. The bass is on the romantic side and not very tight. For music like soft rock, and classical music, it is okay. But not for fast music like heavy metal. But for the price, it is totally fine. boAt Airdopes 190 has one of the nicest deep basses I have come across on a cheap Bluetooth earphone.


The mids are decent and also it is the Achilles heel of this earphone. The mids are not only recessed but also not pronounced and have okay-okay clarity. If you’re a person who listens to mid-centric music like Jazz, think again. The mids are nothing to write home about.


The Highs are good. My test software was limited to 15 Khz and I could hear it clearly. But there is no sparkle or air in the music. Maybe it is because the earphone is a bass-centric one. I have no complaints though considering the price tag of it.

Listening impressions

Women by John Lennon

The midrange is a bit dull. The bass is just on the necessary amount. The Upper mid and lower treble are good. The snare and the chain sound nice. Overall, I enjoyed the song. This song has a very dynamic snare shot. I miss the dynamics with these earphones.

Sad but true – Metallica

The earphones are bass-heavy. The song is a little shy on bass. Both augmented perfectly. So, the bass is overall enjoyable. The treble is nice but the air is nowhere to be seen. This time, the imaging was a little forward compared to the ‘women’ song mentioned before. 

The song started with a distorted electric guitar. It sounds decent. I want much more and more distortion and energy. Mids being a weak point here, things didn’t go my way. The mids can be improved a bit by EQ ing.

Aerosmith – crazy

The song is full of energy. But It is less emphasized. The bass is just right with this song. The soundstage is wider than in previous songs. The earphones definitely make the song smoother sounding but that’s not what I wanted from a rock song. Again, for the price, it is hard to complain. 

Since the earphone is bass heavy, I played a rap song

Afterparty – dynamite mc

It sounds nice. The punch is awesome and it perfectly goes with the beats. It is quite enjoyable. Now I don’t feel less aggression in the mids. The treble has very less sparkle. Wish it had more. The lyrics are intelligible. It is a smooth-sounding setup for rap songs.

If possible, pay a little more and get the boAt Airdopes 413 ANC. Here is the review of boAt Airdopes 413 ANC. But the boAt Airdopes 190 has more bass than the boAt Airdopes 413 ANC.

Call quality

The call quality is decent. It has ENx and quad mics, and they can give your calls good quality. ENx deals with unwanted background noises on your end and reduces them so that the people on the other end will hear your voice clearly. No complaints there.


Low latency mode

This low latency mode is one of the finest features of this boAt audio airbass 190 TWS. They call it beast mode. There is a huge difference between normal mode and beast mode. With games, the latency is reduced so much that the game is playable.

The actual latency with the beast mode is just 50 ms. This is more than enough for casual gamers. But more serious gamers might feel the lag. For them, wired earphone is the best option.


The range of these earbuds is surprisingly great. All thanks to Bluetooth V5.3, the battery life and range have been improved. It stays rock solid even in the house with a wall in between. I have no complaints about the range. In fact, I am impressed.


This Environmental noise cancellation does its job. It uses 4 mics in total. The noise is captured and digitally removed from your voice during your call. Hence the person on the other side will hear your voice more than that of the noise.

Other features

It has IWP so you will find it easy to pair. Just open the case and take the earbud out and you can see the device in the pairing mode. After pairing, every time you take the earbuds out from the case, they will pair with the phone instantly. Keep the earbuds inside the case, the earbuds unpair and power off. It is a great technology to have.

Battery life

Battery life is another feather in the cap for this boAt Airdopes 190 earphones. It is incredible. The earbuds with the case can give up to 40 hours of battery life. Each earbud can hold as much as 10 hours of battery and the case can give another 30 hours of a battery boost.

In addition to that, the earbuds support fast charging as well. It is called an ASAP charge feature in boAt’s language. A simple 10-minute of charge will give as much as 180 minutes of playback time. All these data are under test conditions. Real-time usage may vary. From what I used, the battery life is very solid.


Earphone TypeANC TWS earbuds
Driver size10 mm
Bluetooth versionV 5.3
Bluetooth Range10m
Case battery capacity400 mAh
Earbuds battery capacity40 mAh each
Playing Time40 hours
Charging time50 to 90 minutes
Water resistanceIPX 4 water raesistant
Charging InterfaceUSB Type C
Specifications of boAt Airdopes 190
  • Good build quality
  • RGB lighting
  • Good bass
  • Low Latency
  • Great battery life
  • Bluetooth v5.3
  • Fast charging
  • Light Weight
  • Cheap RGB lights
  • Average Mids quality
  • No ANC
  • Weird Fit


We have seen a detailed boAt Airdopes 190 review. This is a nice earphone. For gamers, this is an excellent choice at this price level. It has low latency, RGB lighting, good bass, a great soundstage, and fantastic build quality. You cannot go wrong with this one for gaming at the given price.

You can check the price and buy the earphone by clicking the below button

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