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BoAt Airdopes 413 ANC review

a picture of opened boAt Airdopes 413 ANC earphone
boAt Airdopes 413 ANC

The boAt Airdops 413 ANC review that you’re looking for is up now. The boAt is one of India’s very popular earphone companies that cater to the budget market. The earphones’ quality is very good and the brand is tasting success in India. Today we are going to review the recently launched boAt Airdopes 413 ANC.

As an alternative, you can get Boult audio Airbass Omega TWS. Click the link to read its detailed review.

Let’s dive into the review of boAt Airdopes 413 ANC. Shall we?

Appearance is everything these days. Hence let’s start the review with its appearance


The earphone feels like a chunky piece of plastic. What I am reviewing today is a black colour boAt Airdopes 413 ANC. The colour looks perfect on the earphone case and on the earphone itself. There are also green-coloured earphones available to purchase.

Picture of boAt Airdopes 413 ANC
The case of boAt Airdopes 413 ANC

The TWS earphone is quite a looker. The case is cubicle in shape. The soft-touch plastic adds to the premium touch. On the centre of the case lid, the logo is embodied.

The front has just a cut to open the case. The top of the case is aligned with the bottom perfectly. There is a status LED below the case lid which shows the battery levels and live status.

Cutout to open the case
Cutout to open the case

On the left, there are no ports or buttons. You can see the shut lines of the case lid. It is slant in nature adds to the style.

Left side of boAt Airdopes 413 ANC
Left side of boAt Airdopes 413 ANC

On the back, there is a hinge holding the case and its lid.

back side of boAt Airdopes 413 ANC
The backside of boAt Airdopes 413 ANC

The lid opens at near 90 degrees. The lid opens with a gentle tautness and It locks in place vertically. The lid shuts with decent assurance.

boAt Airdopes 413 ANC lid open at 90 degrees
The lid of the boAt Airdopes 413 ANC open

To the right, there is a nice USB type C port askew from the centre. This is where you charge the earphone.

Right side of boAt Airdopes 413 ANC
The right side of the boAt Airdopes 413 ANC

Open the lid and you will be greeted with the earphones themselves. There is a twinkling blue LED on either of them.

boAt Airdopes 413 ANC case opened picture
Case opened boAt Airdopes 413 ANC

There is a place in the case where the earbuds rest and charge. The earpieces are held tightly by magnets. You can see the pins that charge the earpieces. They are made of copper. The place where the rest of the earpiece is extremely polished and there is no way the earpieces get scratched.

Lid open boAt Airdopes 413 ANC
Lid open boAt Airdopes 413 ANC

The earpiece themselves is lightweight. They are super cute. The ear tips are soft and angled so that the earpieces sit comfortably inside the ear canal of your ear. You get more ear tips with the earphone and you can choose the one that fits well into your ears.

Earpieces of boAt Airdopes 413 ANC
The two earpieces of boAt Airdopes 413 ANC

The earpiece has a boat logo. These days boAt logo is a style statement. Over time, the boAt has improved its quality and hence its brand image.

boAt logo on boAt Airdopes 413 ANC
The boAt logo

Each earpiece has Left and Right markings on the capsule of the earpiece. There is a sufficient gap between the ear tip and the body so that the ear tips go deep into the ear canal. The ear tips can be easily changed and the quality of the ear tips is also nice.

Ear pieces of boAt Airdopes 413 ANC
The earpiece

There is a mic on the stem of the earbuds and there is a secondary mic on the back of the earbuds on the stem. Both mics are responsible for the ANC and voice calls.

Mics on boAt Airdopes 413 ANC
The Mics on the boAt Airdopes 413 ANC

Build Quality

You will get the boAt Airdopes 413 ANC with the good build quality. For their price, the build is nice. The case has soft-touch plastics that make the case feel good. The case is also sturdier. So is the Lid. There is no wobble or shaking on the lids.

The ear-pods are also nice and made solidly. Also, being lightweight, you will have no complaints about wearing it in your ears for a long time. In fact, it is very comfortable, especially with soft ear tips. You not only get comfort but also less noise as the ear tips seal the ears from external noise.

Sound Quality

The sound quality on this boAt 413 ANC is good. It might not be an excellent earphone to listen to music. But for the price and its available features, boAt 413 ANC is one of the finest earphones in the market at the given price.

The sound stage is decent. It doesn’t go wide much. The punch is nice. The earphone has a 10 mm driver and therefore this boAt Airdopes 413 ANC has good dynamics. The sound quality is good but I expect it to be better. But, for the price point, I cannot complain.

Unlike boAt sound signature, the overall sound is quite balanced. But not by too much. You still have a slight bump in the bass section. The earphones also go reasonably deep.


The bass is good in this earphone. All thanks to the 10 mm dynamic driver. I tested it personally and it could hit 20 Hz easily. But the real fun begins at 30 and above. The bass is reasonably deep and punchy. The mid-bass has a sweet punch. The bass is not fast and tight. But the textures it unearths are reasonable for the price range. The bass is more of a smooth sound rather than a tight one.


The mids is good but a bit recessed. This means you can listen to it for a long period of time easily. The details it reveals are good. Bass doesn’t infiltrate into the mids. It is definitely a plus. The mid has a decent body. For acoustic music, it is a plus. I am listening to Diana Krall at the moment writing this and her voice comes out nice and smooth and has the required chesty sound.


The Highs are a bit rolled off giving a warm tone to these earphones. however, the lower treble is decently balanced. wish it has a bit more extension. The sparkle and nice air is missing. But, it is a good trade-off for long-time listening as the fatigue is far less. Cymbals lack the airy harmonics a bit. Overall, I am not impressed with the treble much.

Listening experience

I listened to a few songs from Spotify by connecting the earphones to my MacBook pro M1. The result is good. However, it pairs best with android phones as it supports AAC. Let us see the songs that I enjoyed on my boAt Airdopes 413 ANC.

Price tag by Jessie J

You will get nice punchy beats and the bass is textured and treasonably tight too for these earphones. The Mids is balanced. The snare came out good. The soundstage is decent. bass punches through the mix decently although I expected more punch from it. treble is nice too. Just that it is not extended. The instrument separation is good but not excellent. Overall, it keeps the pace nice. It goes nice too.

Shallow by Bradley cooper and Lady Gaga.

The starting guitar tone and harmonics are retained well. The decay is perfect. Bradley cooper’s voice has a good air surprisingly. So is Lady gaga’s voice. But I expected a bit more air in the female voice. That’s the midrange magic. The bass is nice but I expected it to sound a bit tighter. The piano has reasonable weight. As the music goes complex, instrument separation becomes okay okay.

Shake it up Taylor swift

You can listen to pop music well on boAt Airdopes 413 ANC. The midrange is good. Taylor’s voice is sweet. It is smooth and the earphone brings out the soft bass very well. The kick drum is punchy but a tad slow. The sound stage is normal. It doesn’t go beyond ear limits. The sound is balanced. The treble is not so airy. Overall the sound is good. Many things get muddled in the mix.

Nothing else matters – Metallica

The starting music has smooth acoustic elements and they sound nice through this earphone. Not hurting but a warmish presentation. The kick drum punches through the mix. The cymbal doesn’t extend much to my liking. As usual, the soundstage is decent. It sounds nice for an earphone under Rs 3000. As the song goes a little more complex, the instrument separation goes for a slight toss. Although the bass is nice, it is just not okay for a metal song like Metallica’s master of puppets.

For acoustic and unplugged songs, it is nice. For music which goes complex, this earphone might not be a good idea.

Let’s move to call quality.

Call Quality

These earphones have good call quality. The earphone has ENC. It is a short form of ‘Environmental Noise Cancellation.’ The earphones have mics on the stem. This easily captures all the noise and cancels it while sending it to the other party. Hence, the noise is digitally removed. This way the person on the other side will hear you with great quality. Overall, the call quality is nice.

Battery life

Being a small product, you might expect it to have awful battery life. That is somewhat the case. The battery life is decent. It uses a Lithium cobalt battery. The battery capacity is 370 mAh. With this capacity, it can deliver as much as 20 hours of battery life. And as much as 15 hours with ANC on. You cannot go on a trip without charging it.

Each earbud returns as much as 5 hours with ANC on and 6 hours without ANC on. Each earbud has a 37 mAh battery. This is normal in any TWS earbuds. But the case is small that you cannot use the system without charging for over 20 hours. This is of course a lab testing result. Real-life battery performance might vary.

Normally, you will need 2 hours to recharge the case fully and for the earbuds, it is 1.5 hours.

This boAt Airdopes 413 ANC has ASAP Charge or fast charging too. With just 10 minutes of charge time, it delivers as much as 60 minutes of playback. It is decent too compared to other TWS in the market.

Overall, you will only get decent battery life.


This earphone comes with decent features. It has ENx and ANC. Let’s see what it is.


ENx or ENC stands for ‘Environmental Noise Cancellation.’ This is specially used in call functions as seen above. The earphone has a mic on the stem and there is also a mic on the other side of the stem. Hence each earbud has two mics. The mics are not only for capturing your voice but the noises too.

The system captures the sound and filters the noise off of the sound. This noise is then phase inverted and sent to the processor where this phase inverted noise is made to cancel with the noise in the captured sound. Thus only the noises get cancelled and the vocals become crystal clear without noise.

This means the person on the other end of the call gets to listen to you very clearly.



ANC stands for ‘Active Noise Cancellation.’ This particular earbud can cut the noise as much as 25 dB. It is great. The way it works is similar to ENC.

The mics cancel the environment. This sound is phase inverted and sent to the driver and the driver reproduces it in the ear canal. This phase inverted noise cancels with the noise that leaks into the earbuds. This way, the environmental noise inside the ear canals gets cancelled out and the result is a more quiet background and good sound quality.

ANC is a gift for travellers as it can cut down noises and therefore enables you to enjoy the music. It works great for low frequencies as opposed to high frequencies. Hence, high frequencies might creep in. But sounds like engine sound, road noise etc. are filtered.

You need to turn on the ANC every time you put the earphone on its case and take it out. The ANC can be activated by pressing and holding either of the earbuds for 2 seconds. The voice will notify you that the ANC is On.

Press the earbud again for 2 seconds and ambient mode activates. This amplifies the external sound enabling us to hear them more clearly.

Other features

This pair of earbuds have IWP or instant pairing technology. Just open the lid of the case and earbuds power up and start connecting to the previously connected device. This is a huge time saver. Also, it is easier than manual pairing. All you need to ensure is that the Bluetooth on the phone is On.

This boAt Airdopes 413 ANC has IPX4 waterproof certification. Hence, you can take it to the gym without worrying about sweat spoiling the earpieces. It just doesn’t happen if handled properly.

It has touch controls to control the earbuds.

You can control the functions like

  • Play
  • Pause
  • Skip to next track
  • Go to previous track
  • Turn on the ANC
  • Turn on the Ambient mode
  • Reduce the volume
  • Increase the volume
  • Trigger the voice assistant.

This boAt Airdopes 413 ANC TWS uses a Bluetooth 5.2 chip. This means good battery life and good range. Unfortunately, battery life is okay in this earphone and the range is 10 Metres.

BoAt Airdopes 413 ANC review

BoAt Airdopes 413 ANC review


Earphone TypeANC TWS earbuds
Driver size10 mm
Bluetooth versionV 5.2
Bluetooth Range10m
Case battery capacity320 mAh
Earbuds battery capacity37 mAh each
Playing Time20 hours without ANC and 15 hours without ANC
Charging time2 hours for the case and 1.5 hours for earbuds.
Water resistanceIPX 4
Charging InterfaceUSB Type C
Specifications Table

Pros and Cons

  • Good ENC
  • Good ANC
  • Decent sound quality
  • Compact space
  • Nice shape
  • Good build
  • Lightweight earbuds
  • Soft ear tips
  • ASAP charge
  • IWP quick pairing
  • Battery life is average
  • Wish, the sound quality is better
  • Bass and treble

You can check the current price of boAt Airdopes 413 ANC TWS below

Check the price on amazon


This boAt Airdopes 413 ANC is a value-for-money earphone. It has decent sound quality. It has good ANC. It also has a good calling facility. The features are also nice. So, it can be bought for the price. Or you can simply buy Boult audio Airbass Omega TWS which is a tad better than this boat Airdopes 413 ANC TWS.

You can buy boAt Airdopes 413 ANC TWS below

Buy now on Amazon

Review of Boult audio Airbass Omega TWS

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