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Boult Audio Airbass Omega TWS review in 2023

Boult audio airbass Omega TWS is one of the latest entrants in the market. I am surprised by it how far the Boult audio has come along all these years. In my opinion, they nailed it this time. Boult audio airbass Omega TWS is one of the best earphones you can get under Rs 2500. Don’t you want to see it in detail? Let us dive in. shall we?

Picture of Boult audio airbass Omega battery indicator.
Boult audio airbass Omega TWS

This review doesn’t stop here. It has more to it with great pictures. Ready?

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Boult audio airbass Omega TWS
Boult audio airbass Omega TWS

I would say, the designers have done an excellent job designing this earphone. It is simply one of the most beautiful TWS cases I have seen. It is just beautiful. Apparently, it is designed in the UK and it shows in every bit of these TWS earphones.

Top view of Boult audio airbass Omega TWS
Boult audio airbass Omega TWS

I choose the white colour and I am glad, I choose it. It is a good blend of classy yet contemporary design. ‘BOULT AUDIO’ is neatly engraved on the lid. The sharp lines and curves are beautiful.

Front view of Boult audio airbass Omega TWS
Front view of Boult audio airbass Omega TWS

Look at the front view above. Doesn’t it look good with all its sharp lines and curves? There is a small cut-out on top to grab the lid and open it to access the earpieces. In front of the case, there are four status LEDs which show how much charge is left in the case. It is super useful.

Side view of Boult audio airbass Omega TWS
Side view of Boult audio airbass Omega TWS

On the side, it takes a different shape too. There is nothing on the sides. It is plain and simple. The bottom is flat, The side is growing wide and there is a semi-oval-shaped lid on the top. Isn’t it beautiful? Hell yeah!!!!

Back side of Boult audio airbass Omega TWS
Back side of Boult audio airbass Omega TWS

The back side of the Boult audio airbass Omega TWS is similar to the front. We can see the hinge part. There is a USB Type C on the rear to charge this beauty. A Type C USB cable is also included in the box.

Boult audio airbass Omega TWS revealing earbuds
Boult audio airbass Omega TWS revealing earbuds

Open the lid and you will be greeted with earpieces neatly arranged inside the case. The design is very simple here. The inside is partially white and partially grey. But, it suits the Boult audio airbass Omega TWS very well.

Lid of Boult audio airbass Omega TWS opened
Boult audio airbass Omega TWS

When you open the lid of Boult audio airbass Omega TWS, you will see there is a cutout on the lid to fit and keep the earbuds secured in place in the case.

side view of Boult audio airbass Omega TWS with the lid open
Side view of Boult audio airbass Omega TWS

The lid opens at 90 degrees and with the whole thing, it looks awesome. Good that the engineers followed perfection while designing this piece.

Earpieces of Boult audio airbass Omega TWS on a wooden floor
Ear pieces of Boult audio airbass Omega TWS

Take out the earpieces of Boult audio airbass Omega TWS and you will instantly know that the earpieces are well designed. The ear tips are very soft and comfortable to wear. There are additional eartips provided to get a perfect fit. The standard size is on the earbuds by default. The smaller ones and larger ones are in the box.

A photo showing earpiece of the Boult audio airbass Omega TWS
Earpiece of Boult audio airbass Omega TWS

The earphone is also two-tone in colour. There are two contact points on the inside of the stem. This is for charging your earbuds. You can also see an led light on the stem. This lits up while charging. It is an ergonomic failure as you barely can see the LED while charging.

Earpiece of Boult audio airbass Omega TWS
Earpiece of Boult audio airbass Omega TWS

On the other side of the earbuds, there is a touch-sensitive place which can be tapped to control the earbuds. There are a couple of mics on the outside and they help with calling and ANC. Yes, it has ANC. More on it later in this article.

Inside Boult audio airbass Omega TWS
inside Boult audio airbass Omega TWS

Inside the case, there are grooves to secure the earpieces in place. There are also pins protruding outside which help with the charging of the earbuds.

Build Quality

Build quality is very good in this Boult audio airbass Omega TWS. The case feels solid and has a good texture. The entire system is made of plastic but it is of high quality. If there is a part where the build is ‘okay-okay’ is the lid.

You don’t get the feel of opening the lid like the boAt Airdopes 161. It is a bit plasticky. It closes with a good sound though. It is not as bad as Boult audio airbass Z20 TWS.

The lid doesn’t wobble at all and the opening and closing are smooth. The lid opens up to 90 degrees which is sweet. The lid is held closed magnetically and it has necessary power. Even the earpieces are hold in the case magnetically.

Earbuds are of good quality for the price and the ear tips are also of good quality. The ear tips are very soft. The earbuds are light weight and you can wear them comfortably for a long time.

Overall, the build quality is very good and for the price, it is extremely good.

Sound quality

The sound quality is tested with Normal mode in place. More about it in the features section.

The sound quality is great. Even for the price, it is excellent. The overall sound signature is balanced and almost flat. The earphones can reveal subtle pieces in music and all the nuances in the music.

The soundstage is wide. Really wide. And the Boult audio airbass Omega TWS arranges all the instruments across the sound stage easily. The earphone also has a dominant phantom centre and has great imaging.

The dynamics are great. The drums sound like drums and not tin cans. Boult audio airbass Omega TWS can reveal a lot of textures in the music for the price.


The bass is very good and impactful. There is also a ‘Bass Boost’ mode that seems to increase the base and it takes the impact to another level. Although bass-heavy songs sometimes tend to distort, it is still nice to have. Even without a bass boost, the bass is nice and rounded.

I’m happy with the bass. It goes deep as well. I could hear a solid foundation in the 20 Hz region and a good amount of bass from the 30 Hz region. The mid-bass has good speed and is nice too and impactful.


The mids are super good. The bass doesn’t enter the bass region much. The mids are crisp and of great quality. It nicely balances with bass and treble. I love the way mids sound. The details are plenty and have a terrific openness to the sound. With the imaging pin points accurately and vocal in the centre and great space around it, Boult audio airbass Omega TWS is very much enjoyable.

Highs / Treble

As usual, the highs are also balanced with other frequencies. There is this necessary amount of treble on offer in Boult audio airbass Omega TWS and they don’t hurt much. They add just enough air to the music to feel good. You can listen to the songs for hours and you will not get listening fatigue, at least in my settings. The treble is also smooth across the frequencies and it has great extension too. It just works.

After the basic tests, I listened to some of my favourite songs and I am impressed. Lets see a few below.

‘How does the moment last far ever’ by Celine dion. Great sound stage. The background music fills the field with the reverb, it feels like I was in there. Celine’s voice sounds intimate. The imaging was superb. Celine’s voice was right in the center.

With the characteristics of these earphones, I am sure a symphony piece will be breathtaking. And I am right. I played ‘the battle’ by Hans Zimmer from Gladiator. It started out very gently and then it has all the power and dynamics once you’re middle of the track. What started as a muffled drum sounds prominent along the track and the Boult audio airbass Omega TWS delivered it very well.

The bass is superb and the scale it was produced was nice. With the space in the soundstage and all the instruments were placed so that they can breathe is nice. The soundstage is wide as usual and gave an ominous feel to the music. The sound quality is superb and the dynamics were very good for the price. I enjoyed it.

Then I played ‘Tom Sawyer’ by Rush. This track has a good amount of textured instruments and they sound very organic. The earphone played just fine. I expected more flesh in the sound but that is okay. It images well. The snare came out sharp with the crash crashing with a good attack. The bass is good too. The hi-hat goes to the extreme left and with an excellent sound stage width by these earphones, it was a treat to listen to.

Turning on the bass ‘boost mode’ brought in more textures and bass. But, I preferred the normal mode. More on this later.

Call quality

Call quality is also very good. It has Environmental noise cancellation. It is also called an ENC. It captures the noise from the environment through the mic, processes it and digitally cancels the noise from the outgoing sound. This gives a crystal clear sound to the other party on the phone.

The earphone captures sound in stereo. It also has an HD call function which gives excellent voice clarity.

Battery life

The battery life is good. Nothing to write home about. It is just enough in my opinion.

The official statement is that it gives 32 hours of music under test conditions. Since the case is small and cute, it might not have a big battery. However, the best thing is that the earbuds can return good battery life. The test condition shows that Boult audio airbass Omega TWS earbuds can play up to 10 hours on a single charge.

Picture of Boult audio airbass Omega battery indicator.
Boult audio airbass Omega battery indicator.

The case as seen above has 4 status LEDs and they show the amount of charge left in the case. Awesome.

It has a USB type C charging port and therefore It does support fast charging, which is a relief. With 10 minutes of charging, it can return 100 minutes of playback. The battery life is decent. Considering the performance and features like ENC, and ANC, the battery life is good enough.


The earphone has a lot of features that justify the price. Let us see them one by one.


ANC stands for Active Noise Cancellation. It used to be a high-end feature but these days it has trickled its way to budget earphones as well. ANC controls the noise by using the active method. The ear tips blocks the noise passively.

The working of ANC is a bit interesting. It was invented by Amar Bose of Bose Corporation.

The system works like this. Boult audio airbass Omega TWS has multiple microphones. It captures the sound using the microphone. The sound also leaks into the ear canal through the gaps between the ear tip and ear canal. The captured sound is inverted in phase and sent to the ear canal using the main speakers. This noise and the leaked noise are out of phase in nature and it cancels each other. Thus the noise is reduced overall.

It is said that it can reduce the noise up to 30 dB which is huge in my opinion.

There are three modes which can be accessed by tapping and holding the right earpiece cycles between the modes


This is where the ANC is ON


Here the ANC is off and the system acts as a normal earbuds

Transparency mode

In this mode, the earphones amplify the external sound so that you get to hear the outside world more clearly


ENC stands for ‘Environmental Noise Cancellation.’ The system digitally reduces the noise, especially during calls. The working is similar to the ANC. Here, the noise is captured via mics. It is then inverted in phase. The phase-inverted noise and the noise from the microphone are processed and the combined sound is sent to the other end of the listener. Thus, the listener hears a crystal clear voice of yours. It aids HD calling so much.

Gaming and normal modes

The earbuds have gaming mode. The gaming mode is specially made for gaming community. It reduces latency and thus it makes you to be in the game and thus gives you a very good gaming experience.

It can be activated by tapping on the left earbuds.

  • Tap 4 times on the left earpiece and it activates the gaming mode
  • Tap 4 times once again to change to normal mode.


Boult audio airbass Omega TWS comes built-in equalizers that are DSP controlled. You can activate it by

  • Tapping 4 times on the right earpiece.

This will cycle through the equalisers. There are three equalizers.

  • Bass boost
  • Rock mode
  • Hi-Fi music mode which is the normal mode

Bass boost mode

In bass boost mode, the bass is boosted. It appears that the midbass and below are boosted so that the listener can enjoy thumping music. It is nice to have especially with music that is low in the bass. However, with bass-heavy music, it tends to distort the sound in some songs.

Rock mode

This mode is like what the title says. It is more suited for Rock music. It increases the mids and treble so that rock genre, metals genre etc.. sounds nice.

Hi-Fi music mode/Normal mode

This is the normal mode and it is with this mode the entire review is done. I personally tend to use this more almost all the time.

Other Features

You can tap either of the two the earpiece to control the music and calls.

On call,

  • Tap once to attend the call
  • Tap twice to reject the call
  • Tap twice to end the call

You can control the music playback like this.

  • Tap once on either of the earpieces to pause the music
  • Tap again on either side of the earpiece to play the music.
  • Double tap on the left earbud to go to the beginning of the track
  • Double-tap again on the left earbud to go to the previous track.
  • Double tap on the right earbud to go to the next song.
  • Tap and hold the left earbud to trigger the voice assistants like Siri, google assistant, etc.
  • Triple tap on the left earbud will decrease the volume by one step.
  • Triple tap on the right earbud will increase the volume by one step

The earphones come with Bluetooth 5.2. This makes the earbuds to have ranged as much as 10 metres and also makes the earphones’ battery efficient.

The earphone comes with an IPX5 water resistant rating. Thus it is water and dust resistant to an extent. You can take the Boult audio airbass Omega TWS to the gym and work out unafraid of damaging the earphones by sweating.

Pros and cons

  • Design
  • Build quality
  • Sound quality
  • gaming mode
  • Wide soundstage
  • Bass boost
  • Great imaging
  • Just enough air
  • not harsh
  • HD calls
  • ANC
  • ENC
  • Dual mics
  • Fast charging
  • Wish the battery life is higher
  • wish the controls are easier
  • Wish the lid quality is better


  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20000 Hz (as per the info)
  • Battery life: 32 hours
  • Battery life of the earpieces: 10 hours
  • Bluetooth version: 5.2
  • Fast charging: Yes
  • IPX5 rating
  • Range: 10 metres
  • ENC: available
  • ANC: available
  • Gaming mode: yes
  • Equalizers: Bass boost, Rock mode, Hi-Fi mode

You can check the price by clicking the below link.

Check the price on amazon


Under Rs 2500, Boult audio airbass Omega TWS is a gem. Even irrespective of the price, it is one of the nicest pairs of earphones on the market. Its design is beautiful. It has all the necessary functionalities. It has great sound quality. It is a no brainer to go with it. I enjoyed reviewing it. You cannot go wrong with Boult audio airbass Omega TWS.

You can buy this amazing TWS by clicking the link below.

Buy now from Amazon

Thanks for reading.

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