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Boult audio Airbass Z40 pro review

Boult Audio is one of the pioneers in the Indian market’s budget TWS share. In this boult audio Airbass Z40 pro review, we will see the top to bottom of these earbuds. Let’s dive into the review.

If you’re interested in its predecessor, you can check out the review of Bould audio Airbass Z40.

Boult audio Airbass Z40 pro review
Boult audio Airbass Z40 pro review
Boult audio Airbass Z40 pro review - TWS Planet

Boult audio airbass Z40 pro is a decent earphone and a great earbuds for bassheads. Thew build is good. It has features that you would need. But, the sound leaves a lot to be desired. Boult Audio Z40 pro is the successor of Boult Audio Z40, which was retailing at a similar price when it was launched. You can refer to the Boult audio airbass Z40 review for more details. There seem to be improvements in the update. The obvious improvement is in the battery life. Sonically, they have improved the bass which was already good in z40. They over did it. How? I have explained it later. Please read on for the full review to know how it sounds and to see more pictures.

Product Brand: Boult audio

Editor's Rating:


  • good Build quality
  • awesome features
  • good finish
  • Good bass for bassheads
  • Very good battery life
  • Fast charging
  • ENC


  • Bass can be too much for many
  • The bass overshadows the mids
  • The treble can be more airy


Earphone TypeANC TWS earbuds
Driver size10 mm
Bluetooth versionV 5.3
Bluetooth Range10m
Playing Time100 Hours
Charging time50 to 90 minutes
Water resistanceIPX 5 water raesistant
Charging InterfaceUSB Type C

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Boult audio Airbass Z40 pro review


A picture showing Boult audio Airbass Z40 pro in a palm of a hand

The earbud’s case look upmarket and premium. There is a while LED below the lid and it lights up while charging. Bould Audio monogram is inscribed on the lid.

SIde view of Boult audio Airbass Z40 pro
Side view with Lid open

Just like Z40 the Boult audio Z40 Pro the lid opens differently. It opens in a different fashion like luxury cars. The front of the lid is longer and it extends beyond half height of the front. It is much evident in the above side view.

SIde view of Boult audio Airbass Z40 pro
Side view with Lid closed

The side look after the lid is closed is remarkable. It has edges and curves. Frankly, it is one of the finest looking earbuds to by eyes after Boult audio Omega TWS.

Rear view of Boult audio Airbass Z40 pro
Rear view with Lid open

The rear is plain and simple. No branding, no text and nothing. Just the body and its curves.

Rear view of Boult audio Airbass Z40 pro
Rear View with Lid closed

Also, the panel gaps are consistent across the board. The hinge is of good quality and sturdy. There is no wobble what so ever..

Bottom view of Boult audio Airbass Z40 pro
Bottom view

At the bottom Z40 pro has USB type C. It is for charging. Also, the portion of bottom is flat and therefore, the earbud’s case can stand upright if you put it so.

Lid open view of Boult audio Airbass Z40 pro
Front view with lid open revealing the earbuds

The interior is of different color than the exterior giving a premium feel. The earbuds are snugly placed in their slots. It is charging as the indicator signals so. It is easy to take the earbuds out and put it inside.

Earbuds of Boult audio Airbass Z40 pro

The earbuds too have two-tone colour signature. Actually, it is a tree tone colour signature. The ear tips are case colour, the front and black are interior colours of the case. Visually, the earbuds are appealing. It has connecting ports at the bottom to communicate with the case and charging.

The ear tips are of good quality. They fit very well. There’s not much suction feeling with this. But, the body feels less premium.

Build quality

The build quality of the earbuds case is good. It is made of soft-touch plastic with a rubber exterior, and it is nice to hold onto the hands. It is polished and gives a good feel. The look is also very good with a velvet touch. The fit and finish are good, and the case lid doesn’t wobble, assuring the tight tolerance with which it was made.

However, the earbuds are not that great. It does feel a bit cheap. Also, the weight is very less. It does help with the ease of wearing it for longer periods, but the build doesn’t inspire much confidence.

I accidentally dropped one of the earbuds from the waist height, and it fell down, and the earbuds’ barrel detached. I had to put it back, and it effortlessly snapped into place. 

Overall, I’m not a fan of its build quality of earbuds but the case is very good.

Sound Quality

The sound of this Boult audio airbass Z40 pro is okay. The sound signature is bass-heavy heavy, and it really shows in the playback. The dynamics are great for the price and above. The soundstage is decent and wide. But, it does not image well. You cannot pinpoint the instrument location for many songs. The instrument separation on the bass side of things is just okay. The instrument separation in mid and high is slightly better. 

The tone is not really natural, but for the price, it is totally acceptable. Overall, the sound is punchy, and if you like bass and punchy sounds and care least about treble and mids, this earphone is for you. The sound is also warmer. 

It has a 10 mm driver with ‘Boomx’ technology. The 10 mm is fine for these earbuds. The culprit for too much bass is the ‘boomx’ technology. Bass slightly slightly overpowers the mids. Has a tinge of bass in the mids

For movie watching, I don’t have many issues. The bass is actually good in some scenes. The surround effects are nice, and the vocals are good. The movie-watching experience is very good.

Sound on various phones.

The sound, when paired with the iPhone, is clear and energetic. Same with the SBC codec on Android. However, when using the AAC codec, it sounded different. The edges are rounded, and it sounded warm. The treble and excitement are gone. Please consider that before buying.

With strong bass, I don’t recommend this earbud for a lot of time. Usually, the treble brings fatigue after a long usage. In this case, it is the bass. It does not bring fatigue but an uneasy feeling.


The Bass is the strongest and weakest point here. The bass heads will love the bass from it. But, in my opinion, it is too much of bass. The Boomx technology is the key here. I didn’t like it for songs. 

But for movies, it is good. But for music, it is detrimental to sound. The 10 mm driver pumps the bass a lot, and for the size of the driver, it is impressive. The sound is punchy and strong. The drum hits with so much of force. The bass guitar’s sound can be heard clearly, although the texture is less. 

From the previous model, it is definitely an improvement in the quantity of bass.

It does hit 20hz with good authority. There is plenty of sub-bass, and it enhances the movie-watching experience a lot. Compared to z40, the quantity of sub-bass is higher. The mid-bass is also strong. If you play at high volume, the bass distorts.


The mids are not much recessed. But it feels recessed because the bass is overpowering. However, with less bass songs, you can enjoy the mids, too. Bass does intrude into the mids, and it spoils the mid’s presence. For applications like audiobooks and podcasts, it is not an issue. But once you put a bass-heavy song, the mid loses its attention.


Like the Boult Z40, the pro has the treble rolled off to give you a warm feeling. In reality, it is a dark-sounding earbuds. The advantage of this is that you get to listen to music for a long time without ear fatigue at more than high volumes. But bass spoils everything. The treble extends quite a bit. It also has a reasonable bite to the music. The air and sparkle are okay, okay. 

Listening experience

Smoke on the water – Deep Purple.

At the start of the song, where the electric guitar plays, there is a faint sound of a high hat, and it can be heard without much issues. This means the earphone can produce tiny nuances of music well. Also, the imaging happens between the centre and the extreme right. It’s accurate. 

The music is very dynamic, especially the snare. Although the sound is not very dynamic with these earbuds, it does convey the energy well. The instrument separation is okay okay for this rock song.

The only issue is that, for my taste, the bass overpowers. Otherwise, rock music is enjoyable with it.

Minnalae from the Tamil movie May Madham

This song has a very strong dynamic drumming right from the start. The dynamics came out well with a bit too much of bass. The vocals by SP Balasubramanian were great and conveyed beautifully. The bass drum overpowers everything. However, I had trouble with the electric bass sound in the song. Violins was a bit screechy. The rolled of treble makes the sound warm, and it suits the character of the song. I enjoyed this song on this earbuds.

Moonlight Sonata – Mozart

Again, the bass notes are way too bassy, and the bass overpowers the sound. The texture in the piano notes is missing. The mids of the piano isn’t that punchy. So this gives the gentleness of the piano, but once it becomes aggressive, the feeling goes missing. However, mid-highs came out very well. The treble was warm, too. I didn’t enjoy it much due to overpowering bass and lack of textures. So, I will not recommend these earbuds for this type of music.

I’m not the only one – Sam Smith.

The bass is punchy but overpowers everything. It sounds so dominant that all your attention goes to it. The vocals are good but a bit recessed. It goes loud too, but I would prefer slightly less bassy earbuds for this song, which already has a good bass.


  • It has Quad mic ENC technology for crystal clear calls. The voice will be clear for the other party.
  • It has a 45ms latency for gaming. It is decent but not the best. It is called Combat mode.
  • It has ultra-fast USB type c fast charging. Ten minutes of charge will give 120 minutes of playback time.
  • It has a touch-sensitive area to skip tracks, take calls, change volume, trigger voice assistants, etc.
  • It has Bluetooth v5.3 and quick pairing.
  • BoomX technology for bass
  • SBC and AAC support.
  • It has IPX5 water resistance. Sweat or mild rain is no problem for these earbuds.

Battery life

The battery life of Boult audio Airbass Z40 pro is very good. I’ve been using it on and off for days and I’m yet to charge the earbuds. The earbuds can hold up to 8 hours of charge on a single charge. A full charge of the case gives 100 hours of playback time. This is such a nice number.

It also has quick charging. A 10-minute quick charging gives 120 minutes of playback. Battery life is a real plus for these earbuds.


From this Boult audio Z40 pro review, what we gathered is simple. If you are a bass head and you want bass and don’t care much about the mids and treble or are okay with decent mids and treble, these earbuds are definitely for you. But if you want good sound quality across all the frequencies, you can go with Boult Audio Omega TWS.

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Is Boult Z40 Pro worth buying?

For bassheads, it is worth buying. For others, it is probably not.

Is Boult Audio a good brand?

Yes, Boult audio is a good brand.

Does Boult Z40 have noise cancellation?

It has environmental noise cancellation or ENC. Not Active noise cancellation or ANC

Does Boult Z40 have touch controls?

Yes, boult audio Z40 has touch controls

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