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Boult Audio X60 review – best for vocals and bass

Boult Audio X60 is one of the finest TWS earbuds with ANC under Rs 2000. I have tested it in every possible way and reviewed it here. It is one of the cheapest TWS earbuds with ANC. So, how does it fair? Let’s see in this Boult Audio X60 review.

Boult Audio X60 review
Boult Audio X60 review

Boult Audio X60 review

Boult audio X60 TWS

Boult Audio X 60 is a nice pair of earbuds which comes with ANC under Rs 2000. It has decent mids, but the 13 mm driver will give you exceptional bass. There is more to it. This TWS is a great buy for bass and acoustic music.

Product Brand: Boult audio

Editor's Rating:


  • Good bass
  • Neutral mids
  • ANC
  • Good build


  • Weak treble
  • Poor fit
  • It looks similar to Boult Audio Z25
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Let’s go to the detailed review


Are you familiar with the design? As a reviewer, I am. It looks like Boult Audio z25. The one I have is a blue-coloured TWS. The design is rounded. The front of the case has four led lights. Those are battery status lights.

photot of Boult audio Z25 (left) vs X60 (right)
Boult audio Z25 (left) vs X60 (right)

On the underside of the Boult Audio X60, there is a USB-type C port. Yes, it does support fast charging and normal charging.

Underside of Boult audio X60
Underside of Boult audio X60 with USB type C

The earpieces are good too. The neck of the earbuds is short, and therefore, I had a tough time inserting it into the ear canal. I inserted the earbuds into the ear canal properly. It didn’t stay there well. Thanks to Active Noise Cancellation, the noises aren’t much bothersome at all.

Picture of the earbuds of Boult audio X60
Short neck of the earbuds

The inside of the case and the earbuds are dual-toned. It looks good in dual tone with funky yellow ear tips. 

Inside of the boult audio X60
Inside of the X60 exposing earbuds

The back side and side profile are plain and round. It looks good in blue colour.

Back side view of X60
Back side of X60
Side view of Boult X60
Side view of Boult audio X60

Build quality

In my opinion, the build quality of Boult Audio X60 is slightly better than boult audio Z25. The hinge of the lid is of good quality. 

Boult audio Z25 and X60 side by side.
Side by side comparison of Z25 and X60

The lid doesn’t wobble a lot. In fact, it is tightly made. The lid closes with a satisfying sound that speaks volumes about its build quality.

Each earbud has a colour-changing LED and mics for ANC. The LED says about connection and battery life.

Sound quality

The sound quality is decent. It is not the best and not the worst either. The sound is slightly tilted towards the bass and has most of the sparkly treble shaved off.

The soundstage is a bit narrow to my liking. The textures of the music are slightly missing, and so is the resolution. This is not one of those earbuds that throws more details at you. No, it is subtle in details revival.

Also, suction is not much of a problem inside the ear.


The earbuds have plenty of bass. All thanks to the 13 mm driver, the bass is punchy and strong. Having said that, the bass is not over the top.  Mid-bass is decent too. If you’re a bass head and appreciate good bass, these earbuds are for you. I am not disappointed with the bass overall.


The mids are neutral. There is no hint of much bass bleed into the mids. Although the sound is not detail-rich, you will enjoy the sound. You can comfortably listen to podcasts and audiobooks. For mid-centric music, at this price point, Boult Audio X60 is not at all a bad choice.


Here is the weakness of X60. The treble is very low. I would expect a bit more treble in the sound. Here, treble is not only there but also takes away the crispiness of the sound. I can classify this earbud as warm sounding. The sparkles are missing. But the upside is that you will not have ear fatigue with these earbuds.

Listening Impressions

Helene Fischer – Atemlos durch die Nacht

This track has a prominent bass note right from the beginning. The bass sounded full and punchy. It is bold and gives the track a good rhythm. The mids are okay, okay. It has not so much definition. It feels like a veil is in front of the speaker. Instrument separation is okay, and I had a tough time identifying the instruments.

Made in India – Alisha Chinai

The earbuds don’t project many details. The music feels low quality. Instrument separation is just okay. The bass is good for such a song, but the mids should have come out even better. The soundstage felt narrow. Basically, this earbud is ideal for songs with less bass and forward mids.

I’m not the only one – sam smith.

The bass sounded very punchy, but the midbass was high. Sam Smith’s vocals sounded a bit dry. The Mids are good. Again, the instrument separation could have been better. Detail retrieval is okay for the price. The earphones can go loud, but fatigue creeps in. The highs are okay-okay. 

Black Widow – Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora.

Now we are talking. The sound excites the mood of the music. The song has a very deep bass, and the earbuds have no trouble reproducing them. 13 mm driver is doing its duty. The midbass is a bit boomy. The mid has fewer details, but it sounded okay. I am disappointed with the highs. The earphone sounded mushy and busy in those areas. Since the song is bass oriented, I can overlook the other nuances.


The ANC or Active noise control is decent in these earbuds. It is not better than my budget favourite boAt Airdopes 413 ANC, but having something is good than nothing. It can keep most of the noise away. It works efficiently on the lower spectrum of sound. 

It is nice to have ANC at this price point.

Battery life

Battery life is decent. Since the case is compact and small, there isn’t enough room to incorporate a big battery and hence the mediocre battery performance.

Without ANC, the earbuds can give you up to 30 hours of playback time and with ANC, the playback time will be reduced to 26 hours.

It also comes with fast charging like other earbuds. A 10-minute fast charging would give you up to 150 minutes of playback time.


  • Active noise cancellation of up to 30 Db
  • Environmental noise cancellation
  • 45 ms latency, good for gaming.
  • Bluetooth v5.3
  • Quad mics for ENC
  • Type C fast charging
  • Touch controls
  • IPX5 water resistance
  • Sweat-proof and splash-proof


Below is the general specification of boult audio Airbass x10 true wireless earbuds

  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20000 Hz (as per the info)
  • Battery life: 30 hours
  • Bluetooth version: 5.3
  • Fast charging: Yes
  • IPX5 rating
  • Range: 10 meters
  • ANC: Available
  • ENC: Available
  • Latency: 45 ms

Pros and Cons


  • Good bass
  • Neutral mids
  • ANC
  • Good build


  • Weak treble
  • Poor fit
  • It looks similar to Boult Audio Z25


we have seen Boult audio X60 review above. This is a decent earbud for under Rs 1500. Having ANC is an additional advantage. However, the sonic quality is average. If you are a bass lover or listen to mostly acoustic stuff like podcasts, the product is for you. If you want a very good ANC, then spend more money and get something like boAt audio 413 ANC.

You can check the price and buy Boult audio X60 TWS on amazon by clicking on the button below

Check the price on amazon

Frequently asked questions

Is Boult Audio a good company?

Yes, Boult audio is a good company.

Is Boult AirPods worth buying?

Yes, Boult Airpods worth buying

What is the price of Boult Audio Airbass X60?

The price differs but you can purchase it under Rs 1500 often

Is Boult a Chinese company?

No. Boult is a company registered in India. However, the parts might be from china.

How long does Boult earbuds last?

Boult earbuds can last for a long time if proper care is taken.

Thanks for reading.

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