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Boult audio Z25 review

Boult audio Z25 is a decent pair of True Wireless Earbuds that boult audio launched recently. In this Boult audio Z25 review, we will see about its build quality, sound quality, and other features of it. Let’s see them one by one detailed.

Boult audio Z25 review
Boult audio Z25 review

Boult audio Z25 review

3.5 out of 5
Boult audio Z25 review

Boult audio Z25 is a pair of TWS that concentrates more on the sound quality side of things rather than build quality. The build is bad and it even has panel gaps. But, the sound quality is good. Want to know what impressed me the most? Read on the review to know more.

Build quality
2.5 out of 5
Has poor build quality
Sound quality
3.8 out of 5
Decent sound quality
3.8 out of 5
Has decent features
Battery Life
4 out of 5
Decent battery life



13 mm Driver

sound stage

Sound quality

Bluetooth v5.3

Good fast charging



Build is cheap

Panel gap

The treble is slightly rolled off

Unnecessary bump in the upper bass region

Appearance – Boult audio Z25 review

The Boult audio Z25 doesn’t look great in my opinion. It has a rounded shape all across and there is no sharp edge anywhere. It is slightly oval in shape. The color is uninspiring too. There is a boult logo and 4 led status indicator available in the front.

The front of boult audio Z25.
The front view of boult audio Z25 – notice the panel gap.

On the back, the boult audio Z25 is plain jane. Nothing there. You can still see panel gap between the lid and the case.

Back side view of boult audio Z25
The back side of boult audio Z25 – notice the irregular panels

The same story continues to the side as well. It is oval in shape with no features.

SIde view of boult audio Z25
SIde of boult audio Z25

There is a USB C port in the bottom of the case to charge it. It can stand upright with careful placement.

The Lid opens up to reveal the earbuds. Now, it looks a bit complicated. The orange accent adds to the look.

boult audio Z25 with the lid open revealing the earbuds.
boult audio Z25 with the lid open.

The earpieces are nice and funky. It looks decent with an orange ear tip. There are mics on each earbud. There are connector pins at the bottom to recharge the earbuds. There are touch controls on the side.

The earbuds of boult audio Z25
The earbuds of boult audio Z25

The earbuds have a short neck. It is one of the disadvantages of TWS earphone. It might give problems for some users as it will not allow the ear tip to go inside the ear canal and seal itself. Also, it makes the earphone wearing uncomfortable. I have chosen big eartips to small eartips. The story is the same.

Earpiece of The earbuds of boult audio Z25
The earpiece of The earbuds of boult audio Z25

Build quality

The build quality is pretty average. There are panel gaps between the lid and the body. The lid wobbles so much that it makes rattling noise. The plastic quality is cheap to hold. It doesn’t feel premium at all. The earbuds are decent. This is one of the reasons why cheap TWS earbuds are not good and are not worth buying. Overall, I’m not impressed with its build quality. The build could have been better. Bount audio Z25 is a disappointment in build quality department.


Pairing is easy. Open the lid and take out the earpieces. The ‘Boult audio Airbass’ will appear on the list of available Bluetooth items on your phone once the Bluetooth is turned on. Click on that. In seconds, you will find the TWS earbuds paired with your phone.

The pairing is reasonably good. I didn’t have issues with this Boult audio Z25 and iPhone or android pairing. But, the connection wasn’t much stable with my MacBook Pro. 


I had to include this subtopic in this review. The fitting is poor in my case. I tried all the given earpieces, yet, I couldn’t find the right one that fitted my ears well. Another issue with this boult audio airbass Z25 is that the neck is very small. It doesn’t go deep into the ear canal well.

You can wear this TWS earphone without hurting your ears.

The earpiece doesn’t seal well with the ear canals despite using all the supplied ear tips.

Sound quality

The sound quality is where this Boult audio Z25 earbud scores. The sound is decent and good for the price. In fact, it is one of the finest and bass-heavy under Rs 1500. I guess, they compromised on build quality just to concentrate more on sound quality.


Let’s address the bass first because it uses a big 13 mm driver. In most cases bigger the driver, the better the bass. In this case, too, the saying is right. The bass is strong and deep.

It can easily hit 20 Hz. So, for movie watching these earphones is excellent. It rumbles and punches hard although the bass is slightly loose. Slightly. That is expected from a huge driver.

If you like bass-heavy music like EDM and Hip-hop, you will still enjoy it the most. 

The one issue is that the bass is a bit loose and not very tight. It might be because of the bigger driver and mass.

With the bigger driver, it produces large scale. Instruments sound bigger and have good authority.

There is a boost on the upper midbass region and that gives a little hollow, bloated and increased bass feel. But it is not really evident in much music. Overall, you can buy this TWS with eyes closed for bass. For under Rs 1500 or slightly more, you cannot easily better it.


The midrange is good too. It is decently crisp and detailed. But it is not open, in my opinion. The bass does intrude into the mids and makes many music upper bass heavy. But, for the price it is good, I don’t think it is a concern. And, songs like Aerosmith’s I don’t want to miss a thing, it gives the music a good warmth. you can also enjoy dialogues well. The voices sound great. Hence, podcasts are a treat to listen to. So is acoustic music.


The treble is decently detailed and not harsh. You can listen to it for a long time. The upper bit is a little rolled off. Since the driver is huge, it is expected. But, it has enough zest to keep you entertained.

The soundstage is decently wide. The center image is still in the head. but the surprising thing is that it created layers inside the head front to back. It was nice to listen to.

The earphone doesn’t come with noise cancellation as some mentioned in their amazon reviews. It has noise isolation. But even with the biggest ear tips, the seal between the ears and the ear tip wasn’t good.

Listening impressions 

Turn down what by DJ snake to check the bass.

The bass is superb. It was deep and creamy. It spreads across the soundstage smoothly. The upper midbass is a bit high but the overall bass is very enjoyable. The midbass has good zest. The soundstage was narrow in my opinion. With this, the dynamics were better for this awesome bass capability.

The look of life by Diana Krall

To check the mid-band I played this. 

The overall sound was intimate and it complemented the jazz genre very well. As said earlier, the upper midbass is high and that makes a bloated voice even with Diana’s frequency.

The mids are sweet and recessed. There is a good deal of softness to the sound. The violin gently encapsulated the overall stage. Overall, these earbuds aren’t mid-centric but can produce decent mids.

Then I played Cruisin’ by Huey lewis

The song has good sound quality and it is audible from the first note of the song. The mids are beautiful but a little bit shouty. The treble has a decent bite and air to the music. The bass is gentle and it played its part in the background. The earphone added just the right amount of bass to the mix. The treble is nice but not as smooth sounding as expansive earphones. Can’t complain about the price.

Call quality

The call quality is decent. Like any TWS in this price range, the call quality is okay. ENC does its thing to keep the noise away. But, if you’re a call junkie, you should go with neckbands. For casual use, in my opinion, it is more than enough. For office work, look elsewhere.


BoomX is a feature baked inside these earbuds. It enhances the bass a lot. Like this, this earbud has the necessary features. Let’s see them one by one.

For the price, this earphone is feature rich. You can use this earbud for gaming as well because of its low latency.

Battery life

The battery life is decent, and I have no complaints. The mammoth battery power makes the earbuds sing for a longer period. The total battery life it can offer with the case is around 32 hours under test conditions. That’s more than a day of continuous usage. You will get fast charging with it. A 10-minute fast charging would give you 150 minutes of playing time. To fast charge, you need to just put the earbuds inside the case and the electronics take care of stuff for you.

Boult audio Z25 review – a video review


  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20000 Hz (as per the info)
  • Battery life: 32 hours
  • Bluetooth version: 5.3
  • Fast charging: Yes
  • IPX5 rating
  • Range: 10 meters
  • ENC: available
  • Gaming mode: yes

Pros and cons

  • Bass
  • 13 mm  driver
  • Soundstage
  • Sound quality
  • Bluetooth v5.3
  • Good fast charging
  • Price
  • Build is cheap
  • Panel gap
  • The treble is slightly rolled off
  • Unnecessary bump in the upper bass region


This earbud is a serious go-to earbud if you’re a bass head. The Boult audio Z25 also has the good sound quality for the price. The battery life is excellent and the features are good. It performed decently well on our tests. The only issue is its build quality. If you can skip that and the boosted upper mid-bass, you have nice TWS earbuds in your hand.

You can check the price and buy it from the following link

Check the price on amazon

Thanks for reading.

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