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How to increase the battery life in a TWS earbud

How to increase the battery life in a TWS earbud is a thing all TWS earbuds owners are likely to encounter in their life at least once. TWS earbuds are amazing. But for compact TWS like boat 413 ANC, the battery life is a problem. This is mainly because of the small battery. Let’s see how to increase the battery life in a TWS by adopting some simple techniques.

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boAt Airdopes 413 ANC case opened picture
The case opened boAt Airdopes 413 ANC

Reduce the volume – How to increase the battery life in a TWS earbud

Picture of How to increase the battery in a TWS earbud
Image of a loudspeaker logo
Image by Josy Dom Alexis from Pixabay

Reducing the volume is the first step in getting an excellent battery life. If you listen to loud volumes, crank down a little bit. The advantage of listening at low volume is not only it gives you better battery life. But also, saves your ears from hearing impairment.

You can choose an earphone with better passive noise isolation so that it blocks most of the noises away. More the noise, the more need to turn up the volume. I didn’t recommend ANC because it too consumes battery.

The battery life that the company mentions are probably recorded in low volumes. So, you will most likely align with the battery stats given by the manufacturers.

Keep things in the vicinity

This is a cheap and easy trick.

How do I increase my earbud’s battery life?

Keeping a long distance between your earbuds and phones affects the battery adversely. So, how to increase the battery life in a TWS earbud? Bring the devices closer if you aren’t already.

It is simple logic that the more the distance between the phone and the TWS earbuds, the more the battery is spent connecting between them and pushing with music.

You can go with much more efficient Bluetooth technology. But, keeping the devices closer will definitely help to increase the battery life in a TWS earbud.

Turn off the features like ANC if you don’t need them

Picture showing how the ANC work
How ANC work

Yes, just like features costing more money, turning them on will cost more battery life. An example is ANC. ANC cuts down the noise electronically. But it takes more juice from the battery for the mics and processors. Hence, turning it off will give you better battery life. It is not only with ANC but other features like ENC, Equalisers, bass boost, Dolby atoms emulation, spatial audio emulation, etc.

You can avoid noise by going to a low-noise area. This means you don’t really have to use ANC. Lower the outside noise better the audio fidelity with or without ANC.

Hence, Turning off the unnecessary features will increase the battery life in a TWS earbud.

Put the TWS earbuds in the case.

Image of Boult audio Z20 and its case
Boult audio Z20 and its case

Yes, when not in use put the TWS earbuds in the case. Will it improve the battery life of TWS earbuds?

Hell yes.

There are two things that you have to look at when I say, put the TWS in the case.

The first one is that in most of the TWS earbuds, whenever the TWS earbuds are put in the case it understands that you no longer use them and unpair itself from the phone and turns the earbuds off. This not only improves the battery life of the TWS earbuds but also increases the battery life of the phone.

The second thing is that the case begins to charge the TWS earbuds as soon as you put them in the case and this will give you an extra battery life from the TWS earbuds.

Hence putting the TWS earbuds in their case will improve their battery life.

Keep away from sunlight or heat

A picture showing fire
Keep away from heat
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Yes, keeping the TWS earbuds away from sunlight or heat will increase the battery life. As you may already know, heat is the biggest enemy of battery. It just decreases battery life and battery health. Hence, some people put their stuff inside the freezer for better battery life. That’s not needed.

Just Use your TWS earbuds normally and just make sure the earbuds or the case is not in direct contact with the sunlight or heat source. You will be good to go.

Use lossy format.

How do I extend my TWS battery life?

I hate to say this 

but one of the ways is to use lossy format and less bitrate content. It does work.

The Bluetooth itself is lossy and will not support 24bit songs and it is simply made for casual listening. Any serious work has to be used with wired earphones.

Also, the lossless format will put more strain on the processor and RAM and thus require more battery juice to work. You can use a lower bitrate to improve the battery life. 

However, the too low bitrate will affect the audio quality and thus your enjoyment.

There is a trick though. You can go with 256 Kbps as a standard. It will not much compromise battery life and gives a very good sonic performance.

Choose a spot without 2.4 GHz interference.

This might sound like a nerdy one but it works. If you are gonna listen to a long session of music and if you can, please go to the place where there are fewer electronic devices that work with Wifi or Bluetooth.

With electronic devices with wifi and/or Bluetooth access around, it causes something called interference. The wireless waves of your Bluetooth device will be affected by the wireless signals of other electronic devices with Bluetooth or wifi 2.4 GHz. This is because Bluetooth itself work in that range. 

This interference will make the signal loose data and thus the earphone has to re-emit again and even with this sometimes data will be lost forever. Not only sound quality is affected, but battery life too will also be affected.

Now that we know how to increase the battery life in a TWS, let’s see how to choose a pair of earbuds with good battery life.

Purchase decision

Yes, while purchasing itself you can choose a TWS earbud that returns good battery life. You just need to keep the things in your mind that are listed below.

Choose the earbuds with Bluetooth v5.2 or above.

Bluetooth hardware versions play a large role in battery life. Generally above Bluetooth V5.0 and above are known for good battery life. But, Bluetooth v.5.2 or above gives great battery life and good range due to improved hardware and improved algorithms.

The current standard as then the time of writing this article is Bluetooth V5.3 and it is extremely efficient in working and thus returning a great battery life.

As a rule of thumb, you can go with any earbuds that have Bluetooth v 5.2 or higher for great battery life.

Choose the earphones with a big battery

The picture of a boult audio airbass omega TWS
Boult Audio Omega TWS.

This is straight like the heading says. Get an earphone with a big battery and combined with Bluetooth v5.2 or above, you will get excellent battery life. 

There are two sets of batteries in TWS earphones. The battery life in the case and the batteries inside the earbuds.

The bigger battery life in the earbuds gives greater playback time and the bigger battery life in the case gives more charging cycles. Ideally, choose the one with bigger batteries on both.

Or, perhaps a neckband?

Image of a Ptron neck band
Neck band gives more battery life

If long battery life without putting the TWS in its case is your priority, then the neckband can serve you well way better than any TWS. The battery capacity in a neckband is bigger compared to the TWS earbuds and hence neckband can give you higher continuous battery life without any break.

Now that we know how to improve the battery life of the TWS earbuds and how to choose a better earbud, let’s see how to take care of a TWS for better battery life.

Heat – as told earlier

As you saw earlier, heat is the single biggest enemy of battery. It does not just affect the battery life but also the battery’s health. That is why electronics with batteries are designed to dissipate heat as efficiently as possible. 

Hence, keeping the TWS away from the heat source, and sunlight and even overcharging it (which will overheat the battery) will extend the battery’s life.

Charge the TWS before exhausting

Yes. Draining the battery to extract the last bit of juice from it will actually damage the battery. The battery should have a certain amount of charge all the time. If it goes below a threshold, then, the battery will be permanently damaged. It CAN NOT be recovered. Hence, please charge the battery as soon as you see a low battery alert. It is okay to drain the battery fully once in a while but don’t do it regularly.

Charge even when not in use

This is just a continuation of what was said previously. Don’t let the battery drain fully. 

Just because it isn’t used, some people don’t charge their gadgets until they use them again. It is wrong.

In fact, you should charge the TWS earbuds even when not in use. So that, it will not damage the battery and serves you for a longer period of time. 

Never overcharge it

Like undercharging, overcharging is harmful to the battery’s health. No, don’t keep charging the TWS even after it is fully charged. Some chargers are smart enough to cut off the charging once the TWS hit 100% but it is seriously not advisable to keep charging the TWS earbuds once it charges to 100% 

As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t even be charging 100% all the time. 80% is the max you should go so that your battery will lose for a longer period of time.


You not only saw how to increase the battery life of a TWS earphone but also saw how to choose an earphone with better battery life and how to extend the health of the battery. Comment us with what you’re practising already to increase the battery life of your beloved TWS earbuds.

Thanks for reading.

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