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How to tell if earbuds are too big?

Earbuds are becoming an essential part of life. They have an issue though. How to tell if earbuds are too big? This article talks about the same and also tells ways to get around it. Let’s go.

How to tell if earbuds are too big?
How to tell if earbuds are too big?

Let’s start with the basics.

So, what is the right fit?

When you insert the earbuds/ eartips into your ear canal, the pressure should be right and the fit should be fine

If the earbuds are a bit small, they go deep into the ear canal, and there comes the problem.

It pushes the ear wax into the ear canal.

What most people don’t know is that ear wax shouldn’t be removed with those cotton earbuds. Our body has a way to eliminate it.

But if the earbuds are small, as said earlier, they go right into the ear and push the earwax inside the canal. The earwax that is supposed to be eliminated gets contained in the ear canal. 

This will cause ear infection and gives you less sound quality. So, small earbuds should be avoided.

How about big earbuds?

Those are again the problem and this is what we are set to discuss in this article. The bigger the earbuds harder for them to go inside the ear canal. Similarly, the smaller the ear canal, earbuds find it hard to go in it. These will hurt your ears.

There are two main things with which you can understand that the earbuds are bigger to your ear canal.

Visual inspection

Our body always has a clue about itself. The gut feeling. It is real, in my opinion. You can mostly tell if the earbuds are bigger or smaller to your ears just by looking at them. It is far from the ideal way of measuring it but gives a rough idea that the earbuds are bigger in size.

It doesn’t go into the ear canal

Yes, the bigger the earbuds and the smaller the ear canal, it is hard to push it inside. In addition to that, the seal bigger earbuds make with the ear canal is not strong as the earbuds aren’t designed to use this way. The silicon ear tip will bend and fold so that a gap will be created.

This will take a toll on bass performance and also lets the noise into the ear canal.

We have seen how TWS are uncomfortable and that still contributes to this article. Uncomfortable earbuds plus bigger ear tips will only give you an awful experience. You should invest your time to read about how to buy a TWS earphone.

Effortless inserting

If the earbuds are bigger, inserting them into the ear is very tough. At times, you cannot even insert it inside the ear canal. On the other hand, the loose-fitting earbuds will fall off from the ear as the seal is not made right.

However, the correct-sized earbuds will get inside even with a gentle push and it creates a perfect seal between the ear tips and the ear canal.

Sometimes, earbuds don’t fit in one ear. That is mostly because one ear canal is bigger than the other. There can be other reasons too.

The ear pain

Even if you managed to insert a bigger earbud into your auditory canal, you can still have discomfort using them. The clear-cut feedback you get from such a fit will be ear pain. The tightly fit silicon plug will create pain in the canal and also, the audio you hear will not be optimal. You will feel like removing the earbuds from your ears after some time.

Automatic detection.

There is another way to understand that the earbuds are not the right fit. It is a feature available with earphones that costs a lot. 

Likes of apple earbuds pro have built-in software inside the earbuds to check if the seal is right and therefore it can give you a hint if the earbuds are smaller or larger. You need to cycle between the silicon ear tips provided and the software will make sure you choose the rightly sized earbuds.


We have seen How to tell if earbuds are too big? And also its disadvantages. I repeat, it is important to have the right seal between the earbuds and the ear canal. It gives you unmatched comfort and the best sound quality to offer. So, identify if your earbuds are too big and if it is, please swap them out for small-sized ear tips. This will ensure that you will get a good performance out of your earbuds or neckbands.

Thanks for reading.

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