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How to wear earphones without hurting my ears?

We have all used earphones at least once in our life. For some it is comfortable and for others, it is not. Sometimes, the discomfort is because they might have used the wrong way to put on the earphones. So, how to wear earphones without hurting your ears?

How to wear earphones without hurting my ears?
How to wear earphones without hurting my ears?

I have explained it below. Keep on reading.

Don’t push overly inside

People have different-sized ear canals. Some have bigger canals and some have a smaller canals. In some cases, one of the ear canals is likely bigger or smaller than the other. So, earbuds don’t fit in one ear.

But, the ear tips come in standard sizes. Mostly, small, medium, and large. But nothing in between..

If you try to use a large ear tip and if your ear canals are small, it is not going to go inside. 

If you push it inside, it will eventually hurt you. Never do that.

Instead, you can choose slightly smaller ear tips and push them inside gently. This way, you can avoid hurting.

Even if you’ve managed to push large ear tips inside your ears, chances are that those eartips will eventually hurt your ears after a period of time.

Open your jaw

This is the right way to put on your ear tips. You shouldn’t force your earbuds with pressure to go into your ear canals. No,

There are various muscles and bones around the ear canals. When those muscles and bones move the ear canal changes its shape. 

Have doubts? 

Insert your little finger into your ear canal gently. Now open and close your mouth widely. Can you sense the change is the size and shape of the ear canal? 


This is one of the reasons why the earbuds don’t fit well.

So, make it to your advantage and it serves you better. Try this the next time you wear the earbuds.

  • Make sure the size of the earbud is right for your canals
  • Now open your jaw wide. You will feel that the canals have widened a bit.
  • Now insert the earbuds into your canals gently and fit it securely.
  • Now, close your mouth.

Now, you will have your earbuds fitted well and you’re ready to rock.

You can adjust the earbuds with your hands in case you experienced suction inside your canal.

Use correct ear tips

Again, this is such a simple technique that many earphone users overlook. Most people buying earphones don’t bother trying out other eartips included in the package. They just try what comes with the earbuds installed.

It will be a hit or a miss. We know that not all humans are created the same. So are their ear canals. As discussed earlier, some have bigger canals and some have smaller ones. And if you try to adjust with the default ear tips, it is gonna hurt. Sometimes, the ear tips are too big.

Keep experimenting with the available ear tips and choose the right one that is more comfortable for a longer period. This is one of the ways to wear earphones without hurting your ears.

If it still hurts, try headphones

This is the last resort one should make if the earbuds don’t fit you.

Earbuds are precious. They are compact and easy to carry around. Not just that. You can wear it easily. Hence the usage is simple and very much manageable.

Before ditching the idea of earbuds, do try a few other earbuds and a few other eartips from different earphones if lying around unused.

 There are third-party silicon and foam ear tips available for popular earphones. You should try that and who knows? It will fit well.

But no joy even after trying multiple earbuds?

You should probably switch to headphones. There are types of headphones. Try with over-the-ear headphones. Those are comfortable for long hours of listening. Nowadays, headphones are available with features like ANC, ENX, Bluetooth, etc. You won’t miss the earbuds with these types of headphones.


We have tried our best to answer how to wear earphones without hurting your ears. If you have good-fitting earphones, you’re lucky. Just don’t lose it. Our favorite method to install the earphone is by opening the jaw. If you know more ideas on how to wear earphones without hurting your ears, do let us know in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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