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Is boAt a good brand in TWS earbuds? 7 reasons to consider.

Is boAt a good brand in TWS earbuds?

boAt is by far the most popular TWS in India. Is boAt a good brand in TWS earbuds? The answer is yes and no. However, the products from the brand boAt are comparatively the best in the price range and have a good fanbase. 

How are the performance and sound quality of boAt TWS earbuds?

The performance of the boAt products is good for the price. The prices of boAt earphones are lower down in the spectrum. Compared to brands like JBL, and Sennheiser, boAt is cheap and affordable.

I have reviewed quite a few boAt earbuds on this website, and they didn’t disappoint me. The boAt TWS has a signature sound. It is bass heavy.

So, if you like bass music, you can go with boAt TWS earbuds. Also, the mids and treble are good too.

The overall sound quality is good for the price. The sound is indeed not as good as Sonys or JBLs, but they are in a different price range.

So, Is boAt a good brand in TWS earbuds as far as performance go? Yes it is.

Features of boAt products.

Like the competitors, boAt is rich in features. Even the cheap sub-Rs 1000 earbuds from boAt have ENC.

Some TWS like boAt audio 413 ANC has not only good performance but also good features. ANC is the most important one. It not only does ANC, but it also does it well. It can cut about 25 dB of sound, and for the price, it is simply astonishing.

Then there is ENC, touch controls and good battery life. boAt earbuds are feature rich and definitely worth the money paid.

The fast charging is also great. For example, the boAt Airdopes 190 has fantastic fast charging. With 10 minutes of fast charging, you can get up to 180 minutes of playback.

So, Is boAt a good brand in TWS earbuds as far as Features go? Yes it is.

Is the quality worth it?

Yes, the quality of boAt is worth it. The boAt earbuds are cheap but don’t compromise much on quality. The build is good for the price. One of the quality assurance is how well the lid of the case closes. The lid closes with a thud. Higher models of boAt are built better. So, the quality of boAt is totally worth it.

Do they come with a warranty in India?

Yes, boAt comes with a warranty in India. Most of the boAt earbuds come with a 1-year warranty. You can claim the warranty by contacting boAt Audio directly.

Will boAt products last long? Are they reliable?

In my experience, it does last long. boAt TWS are reliable. I am using boat products, and they have not failed yet. I have heard that earbuds under Rs 1500 often fail quickly. I cannot say that because the boAt earbuds I have are still working well.

How does it stack against premium brands?

The premium brands obviously will have better quality. The sound quality is superior, and so is the build quality. But, the premium brand has its own price. The features are also rich in brands like Sony and JBL. And the implementation is flawless, and it works every single time.

It is not the fault of brands like boAt because their market is at a lower price point. With a lower price point, the margin is also less, and they have to cut down on features and performance.

What is the customer care number of boAt?

BoAt has service centres across the country. BoAt has listed the phone number and addresses of the service centres in the below link.

List of boAt service centres in India

Pros and Cons of boAt Audio


  • Affordable
  • Good bass
  • Good build quality
  • Decent sound quality
  • Decent battery life
  • A good set of features


  • Only decent audio experience
  • Performance is not as good as premium brands

Conclusion – Is boAt a good brand in TWS earbuds?

Yes, It is a good brand, in my opinion. It gives products with a good build,  decent sound quality and a good set of features. It has good support and has service centres across the country. In a nutshell, you can’t go wrong with boAt audio for TWS. However you want a better earbuds, please look at brands like Apple, Sony, JBL, Sennheiser etc.

FAQs – Frequently asked questions

Is TWS a boAt brand?

TWS stands for Truly wireless earbuds. Many brands make them.

Are boats earbuds good?

Yes, boAt earbuds are good

Is boat a good brand in tws?

Yes, boAt is a good brand in TWS.

Which company is best for TWS?

Companies including Apple, JBL, Sennheiser, Sony, boAt, boult, ptron, noise etc are good in TWS market.

Is boAt a original company?

Yes, boAt is an original company.

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