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Is TWS worth buying in 2023?

Is TWS worth buying
Is TWS worth buying

TWS earphones are quite popular these days. They are not only popular because of their audio benefits, but it has also become a style statement. But, is tws worth buying? Let’s find out in this article.

What is a TWS?

Picture of a TWS earbuds on hands
A nice looking TWS earbuds

TWS stands for Truly wireless earbuds. So, what are truly wireless earbuds? It has no wires at all. The other wireless earbuds, like neck bands, have wires connecting the earbuds to the control unit.

According to Wikipedia, True wireless earbuds have no cord to keep each bud connected to each other.

However in TWS, everything is in the earbuds and case.

Both earbuds and case have their own battery. If the battery in the TWS gets drained, you can charge it from the case. You have all controls on the earbuds themselves.

What are the benefits of getting a TWS?

There are many benefits for TWS. I have listed the benefits below.

  • No wires, so no tangles
  • The additional battery in the case
  • Lightweight
  • No wires to add more weight
  • Touch the console on the cap itself
  • Mics on the capsule itself
  • You Can use one earbud alone in the mono mode
  • Fast charging
  • Availability of ANC
  • Availability of ENC
  • Not monotonous in design
  • Seamless switching between devices like Apple AirPods.

Is TWS worth buying?

Picture of a boAt audio Airdopes 190 TWS
boAt Airdopes 190

TWS is worth buying, at least for its convenience. You don’t have a wire dangling which is unpleasant to deal with. Also, this dangling wire will create noise as it rubs with the clothes.

TWS is also easy to store with the case, and you’re highly unlikely to lose one. Also, when the TWS are in the case, the earbuds are charged all the time, and therefore the TWS is ready to accompany you for a long ride on the bus or a train.

The additional battery the case gives is an added advantage. You need to change only the case, and you can do it overnight.

Another reason why TWS is worth buying is the earbuds are light weight. There are no dangling wires or big batteries inside to increase the weight on your ears.

Most companies are focusing on TWS, and you get a host of new features in TWS compared to the old neckbands and wired earbuds.

The features, including ANC, ENC, triggering voice assistant etc., are handy at times, and these features aren’t available in neckbands. In addition to that, you can use the TWS as a mono earbud leaving another earbud to charge. Swapping between them will give you maximum uptime with the calls.

Hence, TWS is worth buying, even if the TWS is under Rs 1500


The immediate alternative for a TWS is a neckband, as it retains most of the advantages of TWS. It scores even more in the battery life department. The real disadvantage of the neckband is its wires. They don’t usually have ANC and ENC. Since the mics are closer to our mouths, the sound they capture is clear, and it can be felt on the other end of the phone line compared to TWS.


So, is TWS worth buying?

Yes, TWS is worth buying for its sheer convenience and feature set like ENC and ANC. They offer a lot more compared to neckbands and wired earphones. If you’re behind the sound quality, then wired earphones are a better bet. If you’re into gaming, the latency caused by TWS is not good. For all others, TWS will just do fine.


Is it worth buying TWS earphones?

Yes, it is worth buying TWS earphones because it is easy to use, have great features, have good battery life and good sound quality.

How many years will a TWS last?

If you take care of it, a TWS can last for many years.

What are the disadvantages of TWS?

The main disadvantage of TWS is its call quality. Since the mic is recessed and attached to the earbuds, the sound quality of your voice will not be great.

Which is better, earphones or TWS?

It depends. If you’re after sound quality, wired earphones will be cheaper and better. But, if you value convenience, features and good sound quality too, TWS can be your choice. At the time of writing this, wired earphones give good sound quality compared to wireless earbuds of the same kind.

Thanks for reading.

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