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pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS review

pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS review
pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS

pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS is one of the finest earphones I have tested under Rs 1000. Let’s see how they perform in our tests. In this patron Bassbuds B21 TWS review, I will go into detail about various aspects of this particular earphone. Let’s go to the review.

In simple words, this pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS has a good sound quality for the price. The soundstage is decent and has necessary features that at this price range, it is impossible to not consider. Read on to know more.

pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS

4.1 out of 5

The pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS is a sweet piece of gear that you get in this price range. It has decent sound quality and necessary features. The battery life is also decent and the build cannot be complained about. Overall, it is a nice Bluetooth TWS under Rs 1000. Read on to know more.

sound quality
4 out of 5
Build quality
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
battery life
3.8 out of 5
4.5 out of 5


Good sound quality especially on the mid range

Good price

decent build

IPX4 rating

Bluetooth 5.2


Although the mid-bass is decent, there isn't any deep bass

Battery life is just 24 hours

Bad fit on my ears

not good seal


Appearance – pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS review

pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS top view
pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS

This pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS is a decent looker. The body is chunkier and has good depth. I choose the all black model. There is a pTron logo on the top of the case. The whole case is hexagonal in shape and adds beauty to it.

pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS front

On the front, there isn’t much going on. The design cues continue to the front. There is a cut so that you can grip it to open the lid.

pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS side view
pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS side view

On the sides there is nothing. The sides are plain. The case converges towards the side on both sides. There is nothing much to say here.

pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS back side
pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS back side

On the back, the design is similar to the front. But also has a hinge to hold the lid and most importantly, there is a USB type C port for charging. On the bottom, There are printed codes from the manufacturer.

pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS lid open
pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS lid open

Open the lid and take out the earbuds, the lights on the earbuds glow green and There is a light on the case that glows green. The light also indicates the battery life. It is quite beautiful to look at. But, in my opinion, the LEDs are way too bright. You can see, even the camera had hard time capturing the dynamic range of the above scene.

picture of pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS earbuds
pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS earbuds

Take out the earbuds and you will instantly feel that the build is actually decent for the price. The earbuds themselves look stylish. The neck is short in my opinion and I couldn’t get a good seal no matter which supplied ear tips are used. This is a design flaw and hope it is not a trouble with most users. On amazon, I saw many positive reviews and I guess, this seal problem is only for me.

Build Quality

The build is decent for the price. I cannot complain. The lid opens and closes smoothly. But there is a wobble on the lid that keep telling you the product is a budget one.

The earbuds are also good quality and the plastics are well-made. The ear tips are soft too. Just that it did not fit my ear.

Despite the good build, each earbud weighs just 3.5 grams. Therefore, it will be comfortable on the ears.


The pairing of pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS is easy. For first-time pairing, open the lid and take out the earbuds. The LEDs begin to glow. You will see ‘pTron TWS’ on the Bluetooth devices section of your mobile. Tap on the ‘pTron TWS’ and the earphone will be paired instantly.

To turn off the earphones simply put them in the case and the earbuds turn off automatically and begin to charge. To pair after the first time you just need to open the lid and take the earbuds out. The earbuds will be paired automatically to the phone it was paired before.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is actually nice in the earphone. Especially for the price and other offerings like boat airdopes 161 TWS, this is very good. Good to know that cheap earphones are getting better. 

It has a 10 mm driver and the dynamics are good. The soundstage is decent. At times I feel that the soundstage is narrow. Can’t complain for the price it is offered.

The imaging is good but the centre image felt like slightly off centre. I had to push the earbuds tight into the ear to correct it. Maybe mine was a lemon. The imaging is a bit forward still inside the head.

It can go loud and doesn’t distort. It is a balanced earphone and I recommend it over boat airdopes 161 TWS


The bass is a good and bad thing in this earphone. For normal songs it is nice. You don’t have to search for bass. But for the songs with deep bass, it sucks. The bass is not really there. It has very less bass in the 20 Hz region and even in the 30Hz region. The actual bass starts at 40 Hz. Since most of the instruments fall above 40 Hz it is not really a problem. Although the bass is not tight I have no complaints.

But mid-bass has a somewhat bloated sound. Some notice it and some don’t. The mid-bass is good. The bass guitar and kick drum can be heard well. 


The mids is where this earphone shines. The midrange in this is very good and detailes. The vocals have body. At times the mid has this horn sound, especially with the female and male vocals. But that is well-contained and not an issue. You can listen to podcasts and audiobooks with no issue. There is no bass intrusion in the mids.

The treble

The treble is good too. It is not the smoothest out there. But has the necessary details. Don’t expect a very detailed and silky sound on the highs. No, but for the price, there are no complaints.

Listening impressions

Catacombs from John wick by Tyler bates.

With no deep bass, it sounded a bit dry. The mids are there. The treble is okay okay. The soundstage is narrow and I wanted more. Cannot feel the weight of the music as the deep bass is low. Cannot suggest for this kind of music.

Stairway to heaven by Led zeppelin

The guitar, in the beginning, is heavily panned to the left. Since the soundstage is not so wide, it felt very intimate. The vocals sound very intimate too. This is such a soothing song and the earphone perfectly complemented it. Since there isn’t much bass in the song, the earphone came out flying colors.

Bohemian rhapsody by Queen

Again, the soundstage age is felt narrow. The chorus vocals, in the beginning, sounds nice through the earphone. In this song, the bass can be heard to the right amount. The piano notes sounded assuring. But some weight is missing. The snare other hand sounded satisfactory. The mids excelled in this song as well.

Call quality

The call quality is only decent. No TWS can give you excellent call quality because of the recessed mic. In this case, with HD Mics and stereo calls, the audio quality is good. However, without ENx or ENC, the call quality cannot stand higher than earphones from the next level.


pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS has decent features for the price. To begin with, it supports stereo calls. It uses dual HD mics to capture the audio. It also has an IPX4 waterproof rating. You can confidently take it to the gym and worry less about sweat destroying your earbuds. It is not going to happen. In addition to this, it also has nano coating to aid water resistance.

It has Bluetooth 5.2. Hence it can give a good range and is frugal on battery juice. In addition to that, the latency will also be low for video watching. As discussed above, it supports fast pairing. It can also be used as mono buds apart from regular stereo usage.

It has touch controls on the earcups. Hence, you can play, pause, skip to the next track, go to the previous track, attend, reject and end calls and can even summon your voice assistants right from your ear. It has its own advantages. Unfortunately, you cannot control the volume from it.

Battery life

The battery life is good. It can give you 24 hours of playback time and it was calculated under test conditions. While the period I used, it did give good battery life. But 24 hours is still bit low in my book. It also supports fast charging.


Earphone TypeANC TWS earbuds
Driver size10 mm
Bluetooth versionV 5.2
Bluetooth Range10m
Playing Time24 hours
Water resistanceIPX 4
Charging InterfaceUSB Type C
Specifications of pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS

Pros and Cons

  • Good sound quality especially on the mid range
  • Good price
  • decent build
  • IPX4 rating
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Although the mid-bass is decent, there isn’t any deep bass
  • Battery life is just 24 hours
  • Bad fit on my ears
  • not good seal
  • No ENX or ENC


As you have seen in the review, pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS has good sound quality for the price. It has decent battery life too. The build is good for the price. Although ENC is missing, it still has necessary features at this price range. I recommend it over boAt Airdopes 161 TWS.

You can check the price and buy it by clicking the below button.

Check the price on amazon

Thanks for reading.

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