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pTron Bassbuds EON review

Image of pTron Bassbuds EON with the lid open
pTron Bassbuds EON

We have compiled this pTron Bassbuds EON review rather quickly as we have listened to similar pair of TWS earphones in the past. pTron Bassbuds EON is positioned under Rs 1500, which has quite a few TWS earbuds including boAt Airdopes 161 TWS. Let’s see how it sounds to us.

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Build Quality

Before going to sound quality, let’s quickly go through its build quality. The build quality of the case is good. The lid is stable and opens with a flick. The lid closure sound gives assurance to its build quality.

Picture of the Case of pTron Bassbuds EON
Case of pTron Bassbuds EON

The unit is semi-oval in shape. I would have liked the overall look had the colour looked better. The silver colour is sour to my eyes and robs the aesthetics. It comes in Grey and black in colour. I should have gone with black instead.

The case looks extremely reflective and that doesn’t make this pTron Bassbuds EON a premium gadget to look at.

Picture of Case of pTron Bassbuds EON with the lid open.
Case of pTron Bassbuds EON with the lid open.

Open the case and you will be greeted by the earbuds. They fit snuggly inside the case. It charges inside the case. Each earbud has a blue indicator signifying its charge.

Earbuds of pTron Bassbuds EON  on a white sheet of paper.
Earbuds if pTron Bassbuds EON

The earbuds resemble apple earpods at certain angles. You will get a pair of black coloured earbuds even with the grey coloured case. They are lightweight. Each weighs only 3.65 grams.

There are some complaints after using it personally.

  • The earbuds have short necks. This makes them harder to fit in
  • I needed bigger earbuds to fit in well. Even then, it is a hit or a miss
  • It doesn’t go into the ear canal much because of the short neck
  • This makes the fit looser and therefore more noise creeps in.

I am unhappy about how the earbuds fit in my ear canal.

A hand holding pTron Bassbuds EON showing its under side
Underside of pTron Bassbuds EON

You will get a USB C port underside of the earbuds so that you can charge it. There is a status LED in the front to show the charging status.

Fingers holding pTron Bassbuds EON showing the side view.
SIde view of pTron Bassbuds EON

The Lid opens well. However, it doesn’t open to 90 degrees. It is a couple of degrees short. It is not a deal breaker but this shows how much effort the company has put into its design and R&D.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is decent. Not the best or not the worst. The noise level is quite high with the improper fit and that degrades the sound quality a bit.

Then there is this IVR announcement. It is extremely bad. The IVR is not balanced and the sound is tilted towards the right side. Also, the announcement is very loud with muddled bass. The sound quality of this IVR announcement is terrible. It sounds like muffled. The voice is female.

As said earlier, the sound quality is average to good. But what can be expected from Bluetooth earphones at this price point? The soundstage is decent and not wide. When the music goes complex, sometimes the instrument separation goes for a toss. 


It is overpowered for sure. The earphone uses a 13 mm driver and it pumps out bass a lot with the right track. The bass is strong in the upper region. At times it feels like the bass is muffled. I didn’t like the bass much. The tightness is not there. It can hit 20 Hz. But 30 Hz was easier. Hence, you can expect the bass to go deep. However, I found it veils the overall sounds a bit. Some Bass lovers will be happier.


The mids are good. Too much bass is a problem for the mids too. It intrudes into the mids. But the upper mids have a bite to it giving a good grip on the recording. The lower mids have some details missing. 


This earphone is a warm-sounding unit. It is in fact too much warm sounding. Most of the songs don’t have air. But the lower treble is decent. It is the upper and mid treble that has the issue. The mid treble is less in amount and there is no sparkle for the upper treble range.

Then I listened to some songs and the experience is tabulated below.

Paranoid by black sabbath

The music starts with a left heavily panned electric guitar. It clearly shows that the soundstage of this earphone is not wide.

The drum sounds nice but instrument separation on the bass side is not great. The male vocals take the centre stage but bit laid back. The bass overpowers everything.

The cymbals push through the mix and contrast nicely with the bass. I don’t feel the energy of this rock-metal band. 

Believer by Imagine dragons

The voice sounds beautiful. It is balanced. But I expect more air from the vocals. Again the bass is punchy and the instrument separation is average. There is a good deal of bass in the mix. The sound quality is average but the vocals sounded nice. The intelligibility is good. 

The soundstage is narrow. The imaging is okay. The voice takes the centre stage. Other instruments aren’t accurately imaged.

River by Bishop Brings

Again, the bass is overpowering. Kick drum submerges almost everything. The vocals are pushed back to the mix. The instrument separation is weak. 

The bass just sounds bloated. The treble is average too. Doesn’t extend well. Cannot feel the energy of her vocals. The bass is too much to really enjoy the song.

Call quality

The call quality is average. The other party couldn’t hear voices sharply. But no complaints as the voice is still legible. It depends on the carrier. It has ENC or environmental noise cancellation. During calls, It reasonably cancels noise for the other end of the line and it is definitely an advantage.

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Battery life

This pTron Bassbuds EON TWS uses a Lithium Polymer battery. A single charge would return as much as 30 hours of playtime under test conditions. This pTron Bassbuds EON also supports fast charging. Put the earbuds inside the case and it will start charging. It takes 1 hour to fully charge the case and earbuds.


This pTron Bassbuds Eon supports ENC as said earlier. This also supports stereo HD mics. Hence, ENC works effectively and brings the noise around you down in the call and therefore, the person on the other end of the phone line will hear our voice with good clarity. Overall sound quality is average. The earphone uses a 32 bit processor for processing duties.

pTron Bassbuds Eon uses the latest Bluetooth V5.3. Hence it supports one-step pairing. The pairing is easy. Just open the lid and it pairs with the phone. Bluetooth 5.3 ensures a super stable connection at less battery life.

pTron Bassbuds Eon has IPX4 waterproof ratings. Hence you can take it to the gym and worry less about sweat damaging the earbuds. It ain’t going to happen.

The TWS earbuds have touch control on the outside capsule. You can control the playback like play or pause, skip tracks etc and also trigger the voice assistant easily.


Earphone TypeENC TWS earbuds
Driver size13 mm
Bluetooth versionV 5.3
Bluetooth Range10m
Playing Time30 hours
Charging time1 hour
Water resistanceIPX 4
Charging InterfaceUSB Type C
Specs table
  • decent sound
  • for too much bass lovers
  • decent battery life
  • good build
  • Bluetooth V5.3
  • compact size
  • earbuds are light weight
  • 1-step pairing
  • quick charging
  • dual HD stereo mic
  • Not for audiophiles
  • muffled bass
  • Fit is hit or a miss
  • short-necked earbuds
  • noise creeps in
  • Pathetic IVR
  • The Grey colour doesn’t look nice.


Under Rs 1500 which this pTron bassbuds Eon belong to, it is a nice deal for casual lovers. I somehow think boAt Airdopes 161 TWS can also be considered instead of this. Please weigh the pros and cons before making the purchase. The sound quality is decent too with strong bass.

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