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Ptron Neo TWS Earbuds Review – not for bass?

In this Ptron Neo TWS review, we are going to look at the top-to-bottom aspects of these earbuds. We have also listed out our listening impressions and sound quality. Lets see one by one in detail.

Ptron Neo TWS Earbuds review
Ptron Neo TWS Earbuds review

Ptron Neo TWS Earbuds Review

Ptron Neo TWS Earbuds

To put it in a few words, these earbuds are great for vocals and acoustic music compared to other earbuds under Rs 1000. The bass is decent, but not for bass heads. The soundstage is good. For more about bass, mids, highs and song listening impressions, please read on.

Product Brand: Ptron

Editor's Rating:


  • Price
  • Build
  • Dynamics
  • Vocals and mids
  • IPX5 rating


  • The treble is rolled off
  • Boomy midbass
  • Fast charging data not given
  • Slightly less bass
  • No crispness in the vocals

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Read on for the detailed review with more pictures


The earbuds and the case of ptron Neo TWS look good. I bought the black coloured one, and I have no complaints. 

On the front, the ‘Ptron’ logo is engraved. There is also a cut to open up the case. The sides are clear and smooth. 

Front view of Ptron Neo TWS
Front view of Ptron Neo TWS

On the back, there is a hinge.

Rear side view of Ptron Neo TWS
Rear view of Ptron Neo TWS

The lid is tight and has good quality.

Picture of a Ptron new with lid opened
Lid opened

There is a USB port on the bottom to charge the TWS earbuds. 

Build quality

The build quality of the ptron Neo TWS is good for the price. The hinge is decent, and the lid closes with satisfaction. Inside the case lies the earbuds. Each earbud is just 3.2gm. They are very light weighted.

Picture of Ptron neo earbuds
Ptron neo earbuds

For the price, I have no complaints about the build quality.

Sound quality

The sound quality is decent for the price. The earbuds don’t have a ton of resolution. Still, it is pleasing to hear. For casual listening, it is nice.

Picture of Ptron Neo TWS
Ptron Neo TWS

The soundstage is normal. The dynamics are decent because of the big driver. The earbuds give a sound that is not fatiguing. 

The sound is smooth. You cannot expect much textures from it. The instrument separation is decent. 

The imaging is good but not pinpointed. You can hear sounds coming from different directions, just that you cannot pinpoint a spot from where the sound comes. 

At high volumes, it distorts a bit. Also, there is no hole to maintain the pressure inside the ears, and therefore, these earbuds create a strong suction feeling.


The bass is nice. Just right. It is not too much and not too little. I like it. But for some songs, it feels like the bass is not too adequate. I wish the bass were a bit more, and that would have made this earbud a lot better.

It has a 13 mm driver, and that makes the sound bit more dynamic. 

It does hit 20 Hz in my tests. But all the drama starts only after 50 Hz. So, these earbuds are not for songs with deep low bass.

But the mid-bass is boomy. It feels like there is so much going on there. The whole sound is busy. 


The mids are smooth. The mid-bass sometimes overpowers the mids but doesn’t bleed into the mids. For vocal stuff like podcasts and audiobooks, this is nice.

Although the mids are smooth, the crispiness is missing. Also, the mids are hollow sounding. For some songs I heard, the vocals were not impressive. I wish the mids have some more authority.


This is a warm-sounding earbud. But there is the necessary amount of richness to the sound. The sparkle is not much, but it is still enjoyable. This makes the earbuds fatigue-free listening. Again, for acoustic stuff, this is good. The highs complement the mids, but I wish it were a bit more.

Listening impressions


This track has good vocals and good bass. The earphones could pronounce both. The instrument separation sounded bad. There were many instruments behind the mix, and I couldn’t identify them.

But the vocals are the star of the show. The treble is okay and rolled off. The soundstage felt decent. But overall, the crispness is missing and has a midbass boom slightly. Otherwise, it sounded good.

Chori Kiya Re Jiya 

Another song with beautiful vocals. Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal have done a good job here. The earbuds could bring out the emotion in the singing. The mid sounded good.

Of course, the resolution is not that great. But the vocals have a good touch. A touch of crispiness 

should have elevated the mood even better.

Thriller – Michael Jackson

This is a track that is recorded beautifully. But it feels like an ordinary track through these earbuds. It is because of the low resolution.

Another aspect of this song is that it has great imaging right from the start. I use this song to set up my Tannoy speakers. But, with these earbuds, it sounded less pleasing. Although the imaging was there, it didn’t feel soul-stirring.

The vocals and other stuff sounded good but not to audiophile levels.

Photograph – Ed Sheeran 

This is yet another acoustic music I love. Although the sound was nice, the intimacy was missing. The treble could have been better. The guitar sounded sterile. But the big bass drum sounded nice. The background music was almost indistinguishable. Strangely, it distorts at higher volumes even with this acoustic music.

Battery life

The battery life is decent. The earbuds and the case are compact. So, we cannot expect a huge battery life out of it. Still, it manages to deliver good battery life. It does have fast charging but the data is not published properly.



Below is the general specification of Ptron Neo TWS Earbuds

  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20000 Hz (as per the info)
  • Battery life: 35 hours
  • Bluetooth version: 5.3
  • Fast charging: Yes
  • IPX5 rating
  • Range: 10 meters
  • ENC: Available

Pros and cons


  • Price
  • Build
  • Dynamics
  • Vocals and mids
  • IPX5 rating


  • The treble is rolled off
  • Boomy midbass
  • Fast charging data not given
  • Slightly less bass
  • No crispness in the vocals


In this Ptron Neo TWS Earbuds Review, we detailed the sound characteristics, functioning, build and a lot more of the earbuds. So, is it a good buy? Yes. For under Rs 1000, it is a good buy. I will recommend these earbuds to those looking for vocal and acoustic music. If you’re a bass head, you might be disappointed.

You can check the price and buy from amazon by clicking the button below

Check the price on amazon

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Are pTron earbuds good or bad?

pTron earbuds are good

Does pTron TWS have noise cancellation?

This ptron TWS has ENC and not ANC

Is pTron Indian or Chinese?

pTron is an Indian company registered in India but the parts might be from China.

Is pTron a branded company?

Yes, pTron is a branded company. It is owned by Palred Electronics Private Limited

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