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Ptron Zenbuds Pro 1 max ANC review – But not for all

In our Ptron Zenbuds Pro 1 max ANC review, we have covered appearance, performance, features, and almost everything about these earbuds. The earbuds not only look good but sounds decent too. Let’s dive into the review and know how good the earphone is.

Ptron Zenbuds Pro 1 max ANC review
Ptron Zenbuds Pro 1 max ANC review

Ptron Zenbuds Pro 1 max ANC review

Ptron Zenbuds Pro 1 max

Ptron Zenbuds Pro 1 max ANC is a good pair of TWS earbuds. But it is not for all. The bass is strong. If you're a bass head, you will enjoy it. Also, it is good for movies. Besides, if you use it only for things like podcasts, and audiobooks, it works too. The ANC is also very good. The battery life at the price point is stellar.

Product Brand: pTron

Editor's Rating:


  • Bass, Bass and Bass
  • Good for movies
  • ANC
  • Battery life
  • Good build
  • beautiful colours


  • Fit and finish
  • For some, there is too much bass
  • Bass intrudes into mids


Bluetooth version5.3 Quick pairing
ANCYes (Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation)
ENCYes( TruTalk™ ENC technology)
MicQuad mic
Sound QualityStereo Sound with Enhanced Bass
Features of ZENBUDS PRO 1 MAX

Let’s go into the full review


The earbuds look good. I chose the white coloured one. In real life, it is a pearl white earbud. The sheen it has is amazing. The front design is amazing too.

Front view of Ptron Zenbuds Pro 1 max ANC
Front Side of Ptron Zenbuds Pro 1 max ANC

The sides and top have beautiful curves, and it looks good. The body is polished, too and is nice to hold. On the back, there is a hinge. Otherwise, its plain.

Back side view of Ptron Zenbuds Pro 1 max ANC

On the bottom, there is a USB type c port, and it supports fast charging. However, the port is not placed in the centre of the bottom part. Hence, you cannot make the earbuds stand. It keeps falling down.

Bottom view of Ptron Zenbuds Pro 1 max ANC with USB port focused.
The USB port

Build quality

The build quality is good. Not as refined as a boat 413 ANC or boult omega TWS, for instance. But the mentioned boat costs a premium. Otherwise, it is not an issue.

Front view of Ptron Zenbuds Pro 1 max ANC with lid open
The lid open

The shut lines are clear, and the hinge is also very good. In my test piece, the hinge was flexing a bit too much. 

The lid closes with satisfaction. I have no complaints about the build quality. The earbuds are also made well. The ear tips are soft and nice to wear. There is not much of suction feeling when wearing this earbuds

Picture of a a hand holding an earbuds of Ptron Zenbuds Pro 1 max ANC
The earbuds of Ptron Zenbuds Pro 1 max ANC

What’s in the box?

pTron Zenbuds Pro 1 Max ANC series comes with

  • A pair of earbuds and charging case
  • Three pairs of ear tips (including one pair on the earbuds)
  • One instruction manual
  • One charging cable
  • 80H of charge

Sound quality

The sound quality is decent. The sound signature is tilted towards the bass. Thanks to the 13 mm driver, the bass rumble is strong.

Great for movies. But for music? No, not that great. The dynamics are nothing special. The soundstage is of normal width. There is good substance and texture in the sound.


As said earlier, the sound is bass heavy—unnecessarily heavy. I guess the tune of the 13 mm driver went wrong. Ptron NEO tws has a similar 13 mm driver, but the bass is better contained. For bass-heavy songs, it is strong too. Yes, these earbuds are for most of hardcore bass heads who tend not to focus on other frequencies. It is great for EDM music as well.

It hits 20 Hz easily. It stays flat till 50Hz, and then the midbass takes off once again.  For movies, it is perfect.


The mids are decent. But, it is overpowered by the bass. Bass does bleed into the mids. Otherwise, the mids are clear. The vocals sound decently clear amid strong bass. You can’t go wrong with this earbud for movies or stuff like audiobooks. The mids have good textures too. If you could equalise the bass a little, you can enjoy the earbuds a lot. But mids are a bit recessed in these earbuds.


The treble is rolled off. I could hear over 14khz on testing the earbuds. But, it didn’t translate well to the music-listening experience. But this setup of treble will not hurt your ears, and you can listen to the songs for a longer period without any ear fatigue.

Listening impressions

I don’t want to miss a thing – Aerosmith.

The song is a great one to test earbuds. This song has great tonality and density, a good soundstage and good energy. Surprisingly, this song sounded good in this song. The textures of the mids are decently retained. 

As the sound progresses, the song becomes a little harsh at the upper registers. I didn’t find any hardness here. Thanks to the rolled-off treble. The bass was right, and the mids were beautiful.

Enter Sandman – Metallica

Since the treble is rolled off, I want to try how metal sounds in these earbuds. For sure, it is less harsh on the treble range. The mids sound a bit confused too. But the vocals stand out, and it is quite enjoyable.

Metallica usually has less bass on the songs, and with these bass-boosted earbuds, the song felt right at home.

Blue in green – Miles Davis

Time for some jazz. Although the bass was a bit overpowering, the song sounded nice. The initial trumpet solo has a great texture and bite that I enjoyed. The bass was still overpowering. 

The song has a soothing nature, and the earphones brought out those.

Rolling in the deep – Adele

Adele’s sound sounded all right, but I expected a bit more quality. The bass is, as usual, overpowering. Every mid kind of stuff like vocals, snare and toms, everything has a tinge of bass.

I guess the bass heads will enjoy it. I didn’t enjoy the neutral sound signature. The good news is that the vocals weren’t pushed backstage despite the bass being overpowering.


These earbuds have ANC or active noise cancellation. It works great. Not as great as my favourite budget ANC earbuds, boAt 413 ANC. But, it is good. The company advertises that it can reduce the sound up to 30dB. 

In my testing, the fan sound was almost muted. You will still hear the high-frequency whizzing sound of the fan leaves. The earbuds do magic only on the bass region of the sound spectrum. On the mids, not so much. The highs are taken care of by the physical seal between the ear tips and the ear canal.

Battery life

The battery life is very good. Since the case is a bit on the larger side, pTron was able to fit a big-capacity battery inside. The earbuds are also slightly bigger, having a big battery. The result was great battery life.

With ANC on, the earbuds can return as much as 70 hours of playback time and with ANC off, the earbuds can return 80 hours of playback time.

The earbuds is fast charging enabled. With 10 minutes of charge, you will get around 100 – 150 minutes of playback.


Earphone TypeANC TWS earbuds
Driver size13 mm
Bluetooth versionV 5.3
Bluetooth Range10m
Case battery capacity600 mAh
Playing Time70 hours with ANC and 80 hours without ANC
Charging time50 to 90 minutes
Water resistanceIPX 5 water raesistant
Charging InterfaceUSB Type C
Specifications of Features of ZENBUDS PRO 1 MAX


This Ptron Zenbuds Pro 1 max ANC review is coming to an end now. It is one of the finest earbuds under Rs 2000. For bass heads, it is a nice choice. I wouldn’t recommend this earbud who want a neutral sound. It is nice to have ANC at this price point. 

You can check the price and buy from amazon by clicking the button below

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FAQs – frequently asked questions

Which is best noise or pTron?

Both are good brands. You cannot go wrong with either of the two

Does pTron have noise cancellation?

Yes, this pTron Zenbuds Pro 1 max has ANC

Which is the best pTron earbuds?

This Ptron Zenbuds Pro 1 max ANC is one of the best under Rs 2000

Does Zenbuds allow up to 30 db noise cancellation?

Yes, Ptron Zenbuds Pro 1 max ANC allows up to 30 dB of noise cancellation.

Thanks for reading

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