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Ptron Zenbuds Ultima ANC Review

If you have been browsing this website, you would know that pTron is one of our favourites. In this Ptron Zenbuds Ultima ANC review, we will go through these earbuds thoroughly and will also tell you how the listening session was. Let’s go into my hands-on review.

Ptron Zenbuds Ultima ANC Review
Ptron Zenbuds Ultima ANC Review
Ptron Zenbuds Ultima

Ptron Zenbuds Ultima is one of the finest in the industry with ANC under Rs 1500. The sound quality is good. The sound signature is good too. Talking about the build and apprearance, it is one of the finest. Read on for more in depth review and listening impressions.

Product Brand: Ptron

Editor's Rating:


  • Good sound
  • Great ANC
  • Good bass
  • Good looks


  • Treble is on the lower side
  • average battery life


Earphone TypeANC TWS earbuds
Driver size13 mm
Bluetooth versionV 5.3
Bluetooth Range10m
Playing Time50 Hours
Charging time50 to 90 minutes
Water resistanceIPX 5 water raesistant
Charging InterfaceUSB Type C
Specifications of Ptron Zenbuds Ultima ANC Earbuds

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Ptron Zenbuds Ultima ANC Review


It was once said that appearance is the first marketing material. This pTron reflects that. The earbuds are gorgeous. The earbuds have matte lower part and glossy upper part.

With my black and grey color, the matte and glossy implementation make it absolutely beautiful.

Lid opening of Ptron Zenbuds Ultima ANC
Lid opening

There is a lid that extends from top to 2/3 of the bottom. The lid opens gorgeously.

The shape is quite oval, with rounded corners everywhere. It is nice to hold. Below the lid, you can see the ‘pTron’ logo engraved on the product.

Side view of Ptron Zenbuds Ultima ANC
Ptron Zenbuds Ultima ANC side

The design language continues to the sides as well. The oval shape is beautiful. The shut lines are clear reflecting the tight tolerance with which it is built.

Ptron Zenbuds Ultima ANC rear view
rear side

The rear has hinges. The hinges are fantastic, too. You will not get any wobbles with it. About 2/3 of the area at the back is matte, and 1/3 is glossy.

Bottom side of Ptron Zenbuds Ultima ANC
Bottom of Ptron Zenbuds Ultima ANC

There is a USB Type C connector at the bottom of the unit. The bottom of the unit is flattened so that it can stand upright on flat surfaces. Well-thought-out design. Kudos to the designer.

The glossy surface is indeed a fingerprint magnet. You have to keep it clean and it is well worth it.

Earbuds of Ptron Zenbuds Ultima ANC
Top VIew of Earbuds

The earbuds look beautiful, too and have an ergonomic design. I have no complaints.

Build quality

Ptron Zenbuds Ultima ANC with Lid open
Lid opened to reveal earbuds

The build is very good. It is lightweight but gives a good feel on holding. As said already, the lid doesn’t wobble, and that is testimony of how good the engineering of these earbuds is. The ear tips are of good quality and the earbuds are good as well.

front view Earbuds of Ptron Zenbuds Ultima ANC

I had an issue with putting on earbuds in one of the ears as it didn’t seal well. I had to swap to another ear tip for a good seal. You can refer to this guide on how to wear the earbuds properly without hurting your ears to wear the earbuds properly.

In terms of build quality, you’re getting much more than the price, in my opinion.

Sound quality

The soundstage is normal. The voice takes centre stage but is still in the head. The two ends are wide enough. The dynamics are decent. The tone is not accurate, but certainly enjoyable. The instrument separation is okay okay but good in this price range. The definition is there, but not the best. Can’t go wrong with the price point. Overall, it is a warm sounding earbuds.


The bass is solid and punchy. It uses a Large 13mm Driver, and therefore the bass will be very good. There is no overhung in the bass. So it is tight and precise. The definition is good. The bass doesn’t overpower other frequencies but is certainly enjoyable. Even though the bass is not over the top, the taut bass makes it one of the best earbuds for bass music.

The earbuds do hit 20 hz, but not at a reasonable volume. The bass is almost uniform above 40 Hz. It is still suitable for music as most of the instruments are in this range. It is even suitable for movies. The touch of 20 Hz gives good satisfaction in bass-filled movies.


The mids are clear and pleasant. Vocal is still a little back of the mix. That doesn’t mean you will not enjoy it. The good thing is that the mids have a decent body to the sound. The voice also has just the right amount of ‘air’ if it is present in the recording. In fact, there is a dip in high mid frequencies.

The mid-range instruments are good to hear. There is a slight hint of thin sound at the mids, but it can be overlooked for the pleasant sound it delivers for the price.


The earbuds sound like highly rolled off. But it is not. Yes, it is rolled off a bit, but not by a lot. I tested the audio spectrum test from YouTube, and I could hear 17Khz – above which YouTube hardly plays.

The high-frequency instruments come out subtly and make their presence. This is an excellent thing for listening to music for hours, and it doesn’t cause you ear fatigue. 

I still wish the treble was not rolled off as much.

Listening impressions

Narumugaye narumugaye

This is a Tamil song which has a vintage-type theme. I love this song for its lyrics and music. The one obvious issue of this song is its over-processing. The vocals are bad and have too much of high frequencies attached.

With these earbuds, however, it sounded great. It just removed a lot of annoying high frequencies and cleaned up the song a bit. The song has a high-frequency hiss when Unni Krishnan starts singling. Surprisingly, the earbuds removed it. There is a missing air and some zest in the music, but it is okay for me, considering the fact that the song sounded good on this earphone.


This is the second song I thought it would benefit from these earbuds. And man, I was right. This is, again, a badly processed song and has an unreasonable amount of high frequencies in the place of mids. And, yes. These earbuds cleared all of it and made the song enjoyable. The bass is also strong. There is a dip in high mid frequencies, and I had to confirm it with another song. Wish it let in some of the high frequencies.

Fast car by Luke combs

The song sounded smooth with these earbuds. Since the earphone doesn’t let in much of the treble, it sounded a little lifeless. Thanks to the bass, it was punchy. The song wraps around us and the earbuds make the soundstage sure to wrap around us. Enjoyed the song. Wish, it let in more treble for the air in the song.

Thunderstruck – AC/DC

This song has a great deal of energy. The ‘less treble’ makes it little less enegrgetic. But, the energy is still there. The instrument separation is not steller. The bass in this song is relatively less but the earbuds kept me hooked to the bass. The voice was still heard clearly but with less impact.


The ANC, or Active Noise Cancellation, is fantastic in Ptron Zenbuds Ultima earbuds. It is very good at cutting out external noise for this price. It is advertised to cut down as much as 35 db of noise, which is one of the best in the industry for the money. It uses 4 HD Microphones to achieve this task.

The only issue is you need to cycle through the menu every time you start again. Press and hold the left/right earbud, and it activates the transparency mode. Press again and hold, and now the ANC mode will be activated.

Battery life

The battery life is decent. It can give you up to 50 hours of Playback time. This is not industry-leading performance. Still, for such ANC-enabled earbuds of this price, the battery life is very good. Even the size of the earbuds and case is also small. Therefore, bigger batteries cannot be installed.

There is no idea about fast charging on these earbuds. I am yet to recharge it. Once I am done recharging, I will update it here.

Gaming sound latency

The earbuds can be used for gaming. The latency is 40 ms, which isn’t great. But for causal gaming, it is not an issue. If you’re a pro, nothing but a wired earbud is the ideal choice.



This Ptron Zenbuds Ultima ANC is a one-of-a-kind TWS earbud under Rs 1500. It has very good ANC. The sound is also excellent for the price. The bass is good. My only gripe is the rolled-off treble. I wish it were less rolled off. But it’s not an issue. I recommend this earbuds under Rs 1500.

Frequently asked questions

Is Zenbuds Ultima any good?

It is very good for the price. One issue is that the treble energy is bit low

Is pTron buds a good brand?

Yes, pTron is a good brand

Is pTron long lasting?

In our hands on experience, it is long lasting

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