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Truke Buds F1 review

Truke is the latest entrant to the wireless earphone market. They came with a bang with this Truke Buds F1. It looks great and has good ratings elsewhere. Does it live up to the expectations? Let us see Truke Buds F1 review.

Truke Buds F1 review
Truke Buds F1 review

Truke Buds F1

4.1 out of 5

The earphones are great for mid-centric music and podcasts/audiobooks. The bass is less. but for the price, it is fine if you have no other options. Please keep reading for a detailed review and more pictures.

Sound Quality
3.5 out of 5
Build quality
4.5 out of 5
4 out of 5
Battery life
4.5 out of 5
4 out of 5


Good midrange

good looks<br>good build

Bluetooth v 5.3

battery life

good price


<a href="" target="_blank" data-type="post" data-id="1610" rel="noreferrer noopener">No IPX water proof ratings given</a>

Less bass

harsh treble in some songs


Truke in blue looks striking. They are small and chunky. Overall, it looks great.

Truke Buds F1 review front view
Truke Buds F1 front view

The front view is nice. It looks indeed chunky. Look at how nicely it fits in my palm. On the front there is a truke logo. There is a small indentation to open the lid.

Truke Buds F1 review LED display
Truke Buds F1 LED display

There is an LED display that works when you open the lid. It shows how much charge is left in the case. It is so cool and the LED light is blue in color. It merges well with the outside color of the case.

Truke Buds F1 side view
Truke Buds F1 sides

The side of Truke F1 looks plain too. The nicely rounded body gives many positive vibes to the case. The case is the same with either side of the case.

Truke Buds F1 review underside
Truke Buds F1 underside

There is a USB-type C port on the bottom of the case. It is nicely fitted and looks premium.

Earbuds of Truke Buds F1
Truke Buds F1 earbuds

The earbuds are again very compact. It looks great on paper and in person. The ear tip comes in matching colors. The brand name ‘Truke’ is written on the earpiece. Under the earpiece there exist two charging pins. You can change the ear tips all by yourselves.

single earbud of Truke Buds F1.
Truke Buds F1 a earbud

Look at the earbud. How cool does it look? The quality is great too. it is light weight so that you can wear it comfortably.

Build quality

The build quality is good. The case is made up of nice materials and it feels great to hold. The lid has a slight wobble but that’s expected in this price range. The lid feels solid though. I have no complaints about the build quality.


Pairing is easy. For the first time pairing, open the lid and you could see ‘Truke F1’ on your devices. Just tap on that and you will be instantly paired. After this pairing session, whenever you want to pair again, just open the lid and the earphones will be paired with the last connected device.

Sound quality

Overall sound quality is great for the price. It has enough air on the top to show the spaciousness

The soundstage is wide. The extends beyond the ears. It is truly great in this price range.

The dynamics are decent except in the bass range. The scale is small.

There is less impact on songs with big drums. A big orchestra doesn’t sound big. But that’s expected in this price range. Also, it uses a 6 mm driver and it has its own limitations. It has decent textures on the mids. Hence it is good for audio-only usage like podcasts, audiobooks, etc.

In comparison, pTron B21 TWS sounded better. with its 10 mm driver. But for passive noise cancellation, I prefer Truke F1. Compared to boAt airdopes 161 TWS, Truke F1 is bass shy but excels on the mid-range.


There is nothing below 30 Hz and not even at 40 Hz there is usable bass. Anything usable starts only after 45Hz. The bass is not pronounced. So is the midbass kick. The midbass sounds good but there is no punchy feeling. The bass is not really good and if you’re a basshead, please skip it.


The mids are decent. The place where vocals dominate sounds good. So is the place where acoustic instruments dominate. The mid shows good texture too. As said earlier, with podcasts and audiobooks, you have no problem. It just works in the mids.


The highs are good too. The extreme highs are felt rolled off but there is necessary zest in the highs. The presence is there. Sounds sound crisp and clean. There is air on the upper region which gives enough space and atmosphere. It doesn’t blow other expensive earphones out of water. No. But it has enough for the price range. 

Listening impressions 

Black widow by Iggy Azalea feat. Rita Ora

This is a good song to test bass and mids. There is a deep bass in the part where they sing, “black widow babe” and the bass continues to the rap part. The deep bass isn’t felt at all. But the voice of both women sounded good. The synth sounded good too but there are some mushy things going on with the synth part.

Pulaarada from the movie dear comrade

It is a beautiful Tamil song to judge many things that the earphone does. There is a drum beat in the background and it sounds authoritative. Not much in this earphone. The vocals sounded great for the price but there is still some oomph missing. The female vocals sounded good though. The sound is spacious. 

Nothing else matters by Metallica

The guitar at the beginning of the song sounded nice. I wish it has more body to it. The drum doesn’t sound punchy. The midrange is busy with vocals and snare. It struggled a bit to do instrument separation. It sounded a bit harsh, to be honest.

Call quality

The call quality is decent. It uses HD mics and ENC. This earphone suppresses the background noise so that the listener on the other end can hear more clear audio than the buds without ENC. But, the call quality of this earphone will not be a match to neckbands. If you’re into calls, please choose the neckband instead.


  • It has touch controls. You can play, pause, go back to the previous track, skip to the next track, and trigger voice assistants just by using the touch controls on the back of each earbud.
  • It has a latency of just 55 ms. You can play games or videos on it. But if you’re a pro gamer, look elsewhere, preferably a neck band.
  • It has dual mic with ANC
  • Truke F1 has a hidden blue led display
  • It uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0.
  • The earbuds have instant pairing.
  • It supports AAC codecs for good sound quality

Battery life

Battery life is good in these earbuds. This Truke buds F1 has 300mAh Charging Case. Hence, the case and earbuds combined can give you up to 48 hours of playback time under test conditions.

Each earbud of this earphone can give up to 10 hours of playback under test conditions. Truke buds F1 also supports Fast charging. A 10-minute fast charging can give you as much as 100 minutes of playback at test conditions.


Earphone TypeTWS earbuds
Driver size6 mm
Bluetooth versionV 5.3
Bluetooth Range10m
Playing Time48 hours
Water resistanceNone stated
Charging InterfaceUSB Type C
Truke Buds F1 specifications

Pros and cons

  • Good midrange
  • good build
  • looks nice
  • Bluetooth v 5.3
  • battery life
  • good price
  • No IPX ratings given
  • Less bass
  • harsh treble in some songs


If you’re going to listen to podcasts, audiobooks, and mid-rich content, you will not go wrong with this earphone. If you’re a bass head, this Truke F1 is not the earphone for you. even for music, if you can spend more, go with other options. Or if you want an overall performer, go with pTron Bassbuds B21 TWS. But for the price and mids-performance, I can recommend it for acoustic music.

You can check the price and buy Truke Buds F1 by clicking the button below

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