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What is fast charging in TWS Earbuds? Why is it important?

TWS is getting more popular day by day. One of the things manufacturers mention to promote their product is Fast charging. So, what is fast charging in TWS earbuds? How does it work? Let’s see it in detail.

What is fast charging in TWS earbuds?
What is fast charging in TWS earbuds?

What is fast charging in TWS Earbuds?

In a nutshell, fast charging is a technology employed in electronic devices that enables charging the battery much faster than standard charging speeds.

In standard or conventional charging mode, you have to wait for hours before the device is fully charged. However, in fast charging, you can fast charge the device quickly until a certain battery level.

You can find fast charging from high-end devices to even the TWS under Rs 1500. So, it is ubiquitous.


The performance is not the same across the brands. But it is similar. Some cheap TWS earbuds don’t come with fast charging.

Most manufacturers advertise as 10 minutes of fast charging will give you up to 120 minutes of playback.

Most of the manufacturers use the 10 minutes charging time simply because it is a short time and also is the acceptable time for quick charging without missing the zest of music already played.

Some earbuds like Boat airdopes 190 advertise the fast charge to be as much as 180 minutes with just 10 minutes of fast charging.

Fast charging standards

There are many fast charging stands available in the market. What is a standard or protocol? It is a set of technologies made by manufacturers to streamline fast charging. 

As far as I know, TWS manufacturers use Qualcomm quick charging or USB-C PD or power delivery.

However, Samsung TWS uses ‘Samsung adaptive fast charging technology. Onplus uses its own wrap charging. Apple earbuds, too, use USB PD.

How does fast charging work?

In basic design, the main battery is divided into several parts, and each part acts as a full battery.

Now, a high current is sent to these batteries.

You must be wondering why fragments of batteries were used. You see, when you charge a battery, when the charge is zero, the battery can take in so much current. As the charge level gets higher, the battery’s ability to charge slows down. 

So with many batteries, you can send in more current, and it can be utilised to charge the battery faster because charging one battery is slower than splitting the battery and charging them simultaneously. As the battery level increases, the speed of fast charging decreases. That is how the TWS buds can charge faster in 10 minutes and can deliver 100 – 180 minutes of playback.

You can use various adaptors to fast charge your tws earbuds. However, the recommended spec charger is optimal. 

For example,

Let’s take the current as A and voltage as V

The total power P (in watts) can be calculated by multiplying current with voltage.

Or simply,

P = A x V

Watt – Wikipedia

Suppose you have a current of 3 A and a voltage of 5V; you will get a power, P = 3 x 5 = 15 watts. 

However, we don’t know how many watts the charger case sends to the TWS earbuds for fast charging. Many TWS charging cases also come with fast charging too.

The only caveat is if the fast charging is not implemented correctly, it can damage the battery for good.

Is fast charging advisable

By now, you are aware of the fact that using fast charging can degrade the battery. But, if you use it moderately, it is not an issue. But the convenience of fast charging is not easy to miss.

It comes in handy during emergencies or suppose you’re going out soon. A quick fast charging would do.

Advantages of fast charging

  • Faster charging when in need – Time saving
  • convenient charging
  • You can use the TWS after like 10 minutes with 100 minutes of playback on offer
  • Future-proofing
  • Compatibility with multiple standards of fast charging

Disadvantages of fast charging

  • A lot of heat is generatied
  • Slow charging after certain charge levels.
  • Likely less life of the battery
  • We need to put the TWS in the case for fast charging.
  • Not all cases support fast charging.


You would have seen what is fast charging in TWS Earbuds and how it works. Also, you have seen the advantages and disadvantages of Fast charging. I hope the article was helpful.

Frequently asked questions

Is it okay to charge TWS with fast charger?

Yes, you will be fine. Most modern charges will not show any problem. The TWS talks to the charger and thus receives only the necessary amount of power. But, to be on the safer side, let’s use low powered charger.

What is fast charging in earbuds?

It is a technology to charge the TWS faster than normal speeds using a fast charger.

Which charger to use for TWS?

You can use any charger to fast charge

What is TWS charging?

TWS charging is the process of charging TWS earbuds with a charging adaptor.

Thanks for reading.

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