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Why earbuds don’t fit in one ear?

It is strange that you buy a new pair of earbuds and one fits your ear and the other one just doesn’t. Why earbuds don’t fit in one ear? There and number of reasons and we are going to see them one by one in this post.

Why earbuds don’t fit in one ear?
Why earbuds don’t fit in one ear?

One ear canal is bigger than the other

In most cases, this is the real issue. The opening of one ear canal is bigger than the other. Unless custom-made, earbuds come in standard size. So are the ear tips. They are the same size on both the left earbuds and the right earbuds. 

If you have one canal bigger/smaller than the other, the standard size just doesn’t fit in. Don’t force it inside the ear canal as the earbuds can hurt your ear. It not only hurts your ear but also damages it.

The box that had the earbuds also have a set of ear tips. One set is bigger than the standard size and one set is smaller than the standard size. Sometimes, the earbuds are too bigger. Please consider that as well.

You can choose the big/small one based on the ear canal size and this way you will get near perfect fit even though one of the ear canals has a different size.

Buildup of earwax

This is yet another reason why earbuds don’t fit in one ear. If one of your ears has too much ear wax, then it would be hard for the earbuds to go into the ear canal mouth and seal it. There is also an issue with this case. The earbuds will push the wax into the ear canal and therefore wax gets accumulated there.

In humans, the wax gets out naturally and you don’t really need a bud to clean it daily. The process nature take is autonomous. 

But the accumulated wax due to the use of earbuds may hamper your hearing abilities. 

So, if you have accumulated wax in your ear, it is best to go to an ear specialist and clean it artificially. This way, you will have better hearing and the trouble with earbuds not going in will be reduced to quite an extent. So, the build-up of ear wax is one of the reasons why your earbuds don’t fit your car.

Wrongly sized earbuds

This is again a possibility. The earphones come with a default ear tip installed. They are standard-sized ones. There is a probability that the company mess up and different-sized earbuds got installed onto the earbuds. It is not common but it is not uncommon either, especially with cheap makes. In this case, you need to swap the earbuds and see if the problem still exists.

If yes, you should experiment with the available earbuds in the package. If it doesn’t fit you again,

It’s time to return the earbuds and get a new pair.

Swap between left and right

There is also a chance that swapping left and right earbuds can result in the wrong fit. It is because of the shape of the earbuds themselves. Especially with TWS, there will be limited space to put the processor, mic, battery, etc. 

Hence, the designers design the earbuds such that the left earbuds are different from the right earbuds but in a mirrored fashion. This is done to maximize the available space.

This will make the earbuds on the right side will only fit well with the right ear and vice versa.

Maybe putting the wrong earbuds in the wrong ears can be why earbuds don’t fit in one ear or even two.

Morphology of the human skull

Human morphology is also responsible for this issue. Insert your little finger gently inside the ear canal. Now open and close your jaw. You can feel it? Yes, there will be movement as you open and close your mouth.

And, this will only push the earbuds outside. This happens when talking when eating etc.

Unless the earbuds fit well, due to our morphology, they will still fall down. So, you will need earbuds that fit you snugly.


We have seen the reasons why earbuds don’t fit in one ear. These are the main reasons and I have also shown you how to get away from these issues. The simple answer is by choosing the right earbuds. 

Thanks for reading.

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