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why the neckband is uncomfortable?

The neckband is uncomfortable for many and I agree with it. People still use it because of its convenience in attending calls and listening to songs. Let’s see why the neckband is uncomfortable to wear around your neck.

The picture of neckband earphones
Image by vinny1987 from Pixabay

Irritation on the neck.

This is one of the main problems on why the neckband is uncomfortable. The neckband has a band connecting two earbuds and the band rests on the neck. 

The thing is that the band is made of plastic or rubber. And it is an irritant. When you wear it, it doesn’t sit in one place. It moves around and creates unwanted sensations.

For some, it can even create burns on long usage.

Weight on neck

Not just that. The neckband has a small weight to it. It is because it houses the battery. The weight is small and feels insignificant initially. But after a period of long usage, you will realize the con.

The neckband starts to feel a little weighty. Along with the irritation on the neck, you will get a weighty feeling with the neckbands. Even the best neckbands have this issue. This is one of the reasons why the neckband is uncomfortable.

Falling off from the neck

During the activities like running, and jumping, the neckband also jumps around your neck and that will cause additional discomfort. Also, in workouts like standing upside down, and yoga which need the neck to touch the ground, the neckband tends to displace and go out of control. This makes the neckband uncomfortable. It is a serious issue. In this case, a TWS will be a good choice.

Cloth rubbing on the wire noise

This is yet another issue with the neckbands. The wires of the earphone rub against your clothes and that causes noise while using the earbuds. The rubbing noise is quite annoying. This happens the most when you are working out or running. If the earphones are connected by a short cable, then, I don’t think it is a problem. This is one of the disadvantages of neckbands

Dangling earbuds

This is another issue with the neckbands especially when you don’t use them and leave them on the neck. You leave the earphone dangling either as it is or attached to the magnets available on the earbuds. This oscillation of the wire along with the earbuds causes a little bit of discomfort.


Heat is another issue why the neckband is uncomfortable. You see, if the body senses heat on any one part as opposed to the whole of the body, it feels uncomfortable and gains concentration on that part. Especially on the neck, heat is easily felt.

Now, does a neckband produce height? If you use it for a longer period of time some neckbands get heated. More importantly, right after charging the neckband, especially when fast charging is used, the neckband gets heated up. And when you immediately wear the neckband, you will certainly feel uncomfortable.


Above are the main reasons why we think neckbands are uncomfortable. Having said that, these issues can be easily lived with. But, it depends upon you. If you cannot withstand the cloth rubbing sound or the jumping of neckbands while working out, you should consider a TWS.

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